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Call-out for project "Think Like a Forest: Art, Activism and Permaculture" - Brittany, France - 21 September-2 October 2011

Organised in collaboration with EYFA, "Think Like a Forest" is the first public event at La r.O.n.c.e (Résister, Organiser, Nourrir, Créer, Exister); a new long term project for experiments in collective post-capitalist solutions and teaching, designing and supporting creative forms of activism for social and ecological justice. Developed by people from the alter globalisation and climate camps movements from France and the UK, the training will be co-facilitated by art activists from The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination.

"Think Like a Forest" will merge the ecological practices and design models of Permaculture with forms of creative resistance and aims to make productive connections between artists and activists with diverse practices from western and Eastern Europe. 25 participants will be chosen following an application process (see form attached). The 10 day course will take place in a low impact self managed camp and will involve theoretical learning as well as practical projects.

The course is free and 70% of travel costs will be covered (see practical details in introduction attached). We are especially looking for participants from: Lithuania, Hungary, Russian Federation, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Spain, Germany. However you should still apply if you are from another country, as this is a bit flexible, but bear in mind that Eastern European countries will be
put in priority.

Here you can download an introduction to the training and practical details:


as well as an application form:


Each participant is required to fill an individual application form.

*Deadline for application: end of day July 24th, 2011
Please send it by e-mail to: thinklikeaforest@eyfa.org
Results of application will be given by July 27th.*

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