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What is EYFA?

EYFA (European Youth For Action) developed from a tour that was initiated by a Swedish/German group in 1986 to save the old forests in Europe: then named European Youth Forest Action. From these beginnings, EYFA has developed into a network of individuals, grassroots organisations and collectives working to transform local and international communities in their approach to environmental and social, political and economic positions. EYFA provides a platform and practical support for new radical ideas to grow into their full potential.

EYFA focuses particularly on youth initiated activities and projects. EYFA projects are mainly for young people, giving them the opportunity to act and encouraging them to be active on local and international levels. A special focus is put on providing access for groups to take part in international grassroots movements. EYFA always puts effort into including youth from all corners of the continent, with different social, geographical and cultural backgrounds.

EYFA's organisational structure consists of a Europe-wide network of grassroots groups, an office, and an advisory board. Click here for more information on the network, office and board.

What does EYFA do?

EYFA provides a platform and practical support for new radical ideas to grow into their full potential. The international office located in Amsterdam coordinates EYFA's activities through administrative and communication functions and being the network's contact point for sharing local information.

EYFA support and encourages grassroots projects and initiatives in the following ways:

  • Organising exchanges, seminars, trainings, network gatherings, projects & actions.

  • Promoting innovative ways of working in the field of social and environmental activism (ie: consensus decision-making, art and activism, free and open-source software, etc).

  • Disseminating call outs and information on environmental and social justice issues.

  • Giving advice, knowledge and support in activities such as assisting with fundraising, application writing, planning and implementing projects and networking.

Who does EYFA support

Grassroots groups combating xenophobia, homo-, trans- and queerphobia, racism, fascism, sexism, ableism and all other forms of exploitation and injustice.

Grassroots groups promoting cultural diversity and the rights of women, LGBTIQ, indigenous, migrants and workers.

Grassroots groups combating environmental degradation, ecosystem destruction and animal exploitation and promoting biological diversity.

EYFA gives activists an international perspective, but it is very important to us that we keep our focus on the grassroots of social and ecological change. It is characteristic of EYFA that projects initiated by EYFA become independent sustainable long term projects.

Free and Open Source

EYFA supports the concept of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS). That's why we use GNU/Linux on all our office computers and also this website is hosted on a Linux machine. FLOSS means remaining freedom of speech and freedom of choice. Most development work is done by volunteers and computer enthusiasts. Feel free to ask us about our experiences with Linux and other Free Software.

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