Funding Opportunity: LUSH Spring Prize (Deadline 28 Feb 2017)

A dedicated supporter of EYFA’s environmental and social justice work – Lush Cosmetics – has publicised a new funding opportunity. Priority will be given to organisations which encourage alternatives to animal consumption. Yeah!

The Lush Spring Prize 2017

(find out more via this website)

Lush has set aside for the prize £200,000 to support projects around the world working on environmental and social regeneration different prize categories:

  • Intentional Projects – 5 awards of £10,000
    For individuals, groups or organisations with a great idea or early stage project less than 1 year old
  • Young Projects – 3 awards of £25,000
    For groups or organisations who are 1-5 years old and are looking for a boost to expand or develop their work.
  • Established Projects – 2 awards of £25,000
    For groups or organisations who are seen as beacons – ones that demonstrate success and are standing the test of time.
  • Influence Award – 1 award of £25,000
    For groups or organisations that are campaigning or lobbying to influence policy, regulation or public opinion in support of regeneration.

Nominations are open until February 28th 2017.
After the prize-giving event in May 2017, Lush will be launching an additional ‘incubator’ fund, to support a wider range of initiatives for environmental and social regeneration.

Judging is expected to take place in March / April 2017.
A diverse panel of judges will choose the winners from a shortlist in March.
They plan to appoint our judges from a wide spectrum of movements representing regenerative design, permaculture, food sovereignty, transition, biomimicry and eco-village networks. We have aimed for a variety of ages, a gender mix, and representatives from around the world.

Prize’s Eligibility Requirements
1. We accept entries from anywhere in the world.
2. The closing date for entries is February 28th 2017 – your entry must have been received by that date!
3. Priority will be given to those projects that have a clear commitment to sharing and passing on what they have learned.
4. Lush, the company funding the Spring Prize, is a vegetarian company. As such, money awarded will not to be channelled towards the direct slaughter or ill-treatment of animals.
5. Although organisations farming animals will not be excluded, priority will be given to organisations which encourage alternatives to animal consumption.
6. Any project which does not quite fit these eligibility guidelines is welcome to nominate themselves if they feel they can provide a strong argument for why we should consider them.
7. Prizes are for ongoing work (not only as a reward for past work).
8. If offered a prize or alternative award, recipients must:
Attend the awards ceremony in person, unless there are exceptional circumstances (travel expenses will be paid).
Prepare a 10 minute presentation or activity explaining the winning project for the awards event, and a written version or video for publication on the website.
Fill in an evaluation form 10 months from the award being given.
Support the PR and outreach activity for the prize.
9. Ethical Consumer Research Association (a partner in the LUSH Spring Prize) will conduct due diligence research on nominated individuals and organisations prior to recommending initiatives for awards. Any issues that may arise will be discussed openly with the applicant. It would be helpful if applicants flag up any potential concerns in advance.
10. Other unanticipated ethical concerns will be considered on a case by case basis.