Here’s a peak at what we’ve been doing recently and what we’ve got coming up. By no means an exhaustive list.

A fresh Newsletter with a social movements agenda for the year

We’re crafting a brand new newsletter gathering as many exciting events and call outs for 2015 from our Network. If you want to subscribe to our network-list (moderated and low traffic) please drop us a line via our contact form.


Sustainable Future: Youth taking action in your neighborhood!

Our new EVS volunteers arrived in January and we are happy to welcome them in the EYFA office. The project they will be working on aims to strengthen young peoples engagement as promoters of environmental justice and sustainable alternatives across Europe.

The volunteers will explore and visualise sustainable alternatives; encourage active citizenship; and build a more inclusive European community; involving both Berlin and European-wide youth.

Activities include supporting the coordination of two international gatherings on environmental justice and sustainable alternatives, running environmental workshops and discussions for local Berlin youth, gathering materials and field research in topics connected to sustainable environment and participating in non-hierarchical, consensus based office dynamics.



Up and running!
We’re done setting up and are now busy maintaining and updating two great online resources:
The Skillshare Network
Anti-racist toolkit

Last but not least
As you might imagine there’s many other tasks involved in running our office and network. We won’t list them all, but trust us when we say we’ve got more than enough on our plates every single day 🙂