Resources & Toolkits

An important aspect of creating sustainable practices is documentation and information distribution. As part of our ongoing efforts to support young activists, EYFA has always gathered and provided useful resources.

Most recently this effort has been renewed and re-focused through the development of guides and online platforms on various social justice and capacity building themes.

Our most recent projects have been:

Push or Pull, the Podcast where we say ‘Conflict is OK’ – listen to the full episodes here and find the full transcript here

coLABOURate: A resource pack on economic inclusion and alternatives like workers cooperatives and mutual aid spaces.

Skillshare: A portal to activist resource guides and workshop modules.

Ignite!: An anti-racist toolkit.

Working with Conflict in Our Groups: A guide in collaboration with Seeds for Change. Available in castellano here.

Calais, Calais: The book is based on the impression and experience from Amy Non, an activist who stayed in Calais along the first half of 2014.