Crowdfunding Campaign

We’d like to share with you our crowdfunding campaign:

EYFA is a european network of individuals, grassroots organisations and collectives working to transform communities in their approach to environmental, social, political and economic positions.
EYFA strives for a world based on social, environmental and economic justice, in which people feel empowered to act and raise their voices on the issues that affect their lives.
EYFA works to challenge the dominant neoliberal social and economic system, while developing new ways of organising our communities based on environmental and social sustainability.

We feel confident that our network is doing great things. We invite you to check out our webpage or twitter to find out more. What we have the opportunity to do, through this crowdfunding campaign, is to become less reliant on big funding applications and more responsive to the collectives and individuals in our network. By reaching out to our base of allies, like you, we are trying to say: join us in supporting the movement! let’s rely on each other and build creative alternatives together!

We want to raise money from private donors, like yourself, to be able to better support grassroots struggles across europe. Based on solidarity and common values, we engage with grassroots groups at the local level and carry out a few big activist camps every year, as well as smaller workshops in different locations. Your support helps us to spend less time fundraising, and more time skillsharing and horizontally developing radical content for different contexts.

Often very little money can significantly change group’s capacity and enable loads of things to happen! Imagine if all the local groups working towards social and environmental justice around the globe would have resources to carry out their projects, campaigns and actions. We would live in a different world! Our campaign is a small step towards it.

We need 10 000 EUR to be able to support each year around 30 grassroots groups in organizing events, workshops, demonstrations, skillsharing, campaign materials or other creative actions.