Who We Are

EYFA is a European network of individuals, grass-roots organisations and collectives working to transform communities in their approach to environmental, social, political and economic positions.

EYFA’s main aim is to encourage young people’s initiative and autonomy. We strive for a world where youth from all backgrounds have access to resources that allow them to gain knowledge, skills and to raise their voices to advocate for change in their communities. A just world where they are empowered to exercise their activism and rights, while developing new ways of organizing communities based on environmental and social sustainability .

We believe that we can only achieve social justice for all through an intersectional and anti-colonial approach. This approach to organizing recognizes how oppressive systems of power affect different groups differently. To identify solutions, we find it important to understand the historical factors from which discriminations arose.

We dream of and act on changing the current society we live in into a society based on social, environmental, racial and economic justice, advocating for lasting political changes in all its shapes and levels, including disabled, Black, queer, trans*, Indigenous & neurodiverse youth, as well as all youth European-wide.

Towards this we have
four core objectives: Capacity Building; Civic Engagement and Participatory Processes; Cross-regional; Intersectional Cooperation, and two priority areas: Social and Environmental Justice; Accessibility & Inclusion, to guide us.