(Dis?)Ability 4: Let’s talk about the online world

Welcome to the fourth lesson of the online course (Dis?)Ability, in which we will explore ways to increase accessibility in activism and event organising. This time you will learn about accessibility in the online world. You may think you now a lot already, but check what other people have to say, especially when it comes to living with disabilities.

The following questions should help you further your knowledge about the topic discussed in this lesson. Feel free to answer them individually or collectively.


  • How do you understand safety and security in relation to accessibility in your organization?


  • In what way sticking or not sticking to the agenda/logistics can be an obstacle for people with disabilities?
  • Can you name a few specific tools to make a meeting accessible for people with sensory disabilities?


  • How can the Internet be an empowering tool and a barrier at the same time?
  • Are your social media and website accessible? Provide a sample of afacebook, instagram and/or twitter post including accessible solutions – you can work with groups to get a wider perspective – video, visual elements, statement, facebook event etc.

Further reading recommendations:
How to make your webpage accessible
Use the WAVE tool to check if your website is accessible.
Use the LanguageTool to check if you’re using accessible language.
Use the Contrast Checker to check if you’re website has enough contrast to be well visible.

The Tripple Cripples
Polish translation: Alex
Film Edit: Radical Resilience
Graphics: Carolina Arciniegas
Additional Images: @pikisuperstar and @freepik on Instagram
Music: Delila

In the comment of our expert Kasia you can learn about the specific tools you can use to improve the online accessibility. Anything can be done on your social media with not so much effort! Do not forget to check our final lesson on event organizing, we will be talking about the online world again.