1986 – 1996


Sustainable Europe Tour Project (SETP)
First edition.


Winter meeting – Czech Republic


EYFA Women’s Network Meeting – France
“Stop rumbling in the background” as the main theme of this meeting which took place in Strasbourg.
SNORE & SNEEEZ working groups
Several projects/ working groups pop up like the sustainable network on renewable energy (SNORE) and the Stop Nuclear Energy Eastern Europe Zone (SNEEEZ).
EYFA Gender/ women working group
This group is started to focus on women in the environmental movement and supported the facilitation of a long-term discussion. The general theme was women’s rights, with the theme of violence against women being one of the priorities.


EYFA at AUFTAKT – Magdeburg, Germany
EYFA takes part in the massive AUFTAKT festival.
Verge Magazine
EYFA starts the Verge magazine as a replacement of Green Free News.


ASEED becomes independent of EYFA
PEACE Bus tour
Green Free News
EYFA replaces the Green Tree News with Green Free News.


Sunflower volunteers
As the war starts in Yugoslavia many EYFA network members volunteer in refugee camps.


Green Tree News
EYFA begins the Green Tree News newsletter.

1989 (before the fall of the wall)

First EYFA summer meeting/ECOTOPIA – Cologne, Germany
USSR Bus tour – 6th to 31st July, USSR
Beginning in Moscow the tour visited polluted areas and polluting plants in different regions of the USSR, having meetings with local greens and also making public actions.


Bus tour – Chernobyl, USSR to Freiburg, BRD
Schwarzwaldcamp – Freiburg, BRD
Camp – Ljubljana, Yugoslavia
East-West Fax Network
A network of faxes is supported and developed to connect the Eastern Bloc with Western Europe.
Alternative currency system is started to be used during EYFA projects, as well as by other interested groups.


EYFA office moves to Sittard, Netherlands.


“European Youth Forest Action” is born.
Bus tour to raise awareness about Europe’s last virginal forests.