(Dis?)Ability 3: Let’s talk about the language

Welcome to the third lesson of the online course (Dis?)Ability, in which we will explore ways to increase accessibility in activism and event organising. This time we will take a closer look on the topic of language – how discriminatory or emancipatory it can be, how to speak without harm and, instead, show our solidarity and support on the level of communicating.

This time the task is easy and quick. Make a list of the words mentioned in all video lessons that are considered inappropriate and then destroy it. Don’t forget to make the decision not to use them anymore. Listen to people with the experience you don’t have and follow their advice. The change often starts with language.

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Po polsku:
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Katarzyna Bierzanowska – Pełnoprawna
Film Edit: Radical Resilience
Graphics: Carolina Arciniegas
Additional Images: @pikisuperstar and @freepik on Instagram
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