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.on Activist Events – Spring/Summer 2019
The newest update about many interesting evens coming in 2019.
.on Activist Events – Spring 2018
Check the newsletter with the events for 2018.

.on Activists Events – May 2016
On this newsletter you will find a collection of exciting events taking place in 2016.
.on Network Building and the Anti-extractivism/Anti-Fracking Struggles – December 2015
In 2015, Eyfa has been active in anti-fracking activism and therefore, this newsletter tackles some anti-extractivism topics, as well as reflections on the Eyfa network itself.
.on Activists Events and Reports from Skopje and Minsk – April 2015
In this newsletter you will find a collection of exciting events taking place in 2015 and 2 short reports from our comrades in Macedonia and Belarus.
.on Anti-Eviction and Migrants Solidarity – December 2014
In 2014, Eyfa has been active in anti-eviction and migrant solidarity activism and therefore this newsletter goes a bit deeper into this content.
.on Summer events – October 2014
Back by popular demand, here is a round up of activists events, gatherings, camps and meetings happening around Europe this summer.
.on A Spring of Action – May 2012
As the weather gets warmer and the crisis in Europe shows no signs of slowing down, resisting is heating up too. Days of Action and networking events are happening all over the place, so get involved! A roundup of stuff happening in May 2012. link to archive website
.on Antifascism(2) – November 2011
An incomplete overview of continuing struggles against fascism as well as fascist tendencies on the rise with a focus on the situation Central and Eastern Europe. link to archive website
.on Summer Events 2011 – June 2011
A round up of activists events, gatherings, camps and meetings happening around Europe in summer 2011. link to archive website
.on More Summer Happenings – July 2010
In response to the Global Matters (3) newsletter, we received quite a few messages about more events happening this summer (and into the autumn). This newsletter is a quick update on these things we missed out on, and also an action update from Spain. link to archive website
.on Global Matters(3) – June 2010
A round up of events and gatherings planned around Europe to keep you busy in summer 2010. From climate camps (lots of them!) to Queeruption, anti-nuclear action to a No Border camp, there’s lots to get stuck into – wherever you are. link to archive website
.on Autonomous Spaces – February 2010
Social centres, squats, infoshops, free parties, protest camps, hacklabs and convergence centres… Autonomous spaces come in many forms and have often served as important bases of resistance for popular movements and struggles. In this newsletter we take a closer look at social centres around Europe, examining some of their potential strengths and weaknesses as projects for social change and looking at current struggles around protecting autonomous spaces. link to archive website
.on Copenhagen – January 2010
Despite the unexpected level of police repression at the Climate Summit demonstrations in Copenhagen, Denmark, thousands of protesters kept up the fight for ten days of action against the bankrupt United Nations climate conference, COP15, at the end of 2009. With this newsletter we take a look back at what happened. link to archive website
.on Cooling Our Futures – October 2009
While EYFA has focused a lot of its projects on climate justice throughout its history 2009 has seen climate change as one of the main priorities for our network. Because of this we share below a mini-update on EYFA’s own plans during the COP15 in Copenhagen. link to archive website
.on Climate Action Camps – September 2009
Over the past few years Climate Action Camps have sprung up around Europe and around the world. Taking inspiration from the 2006 UK Camp for Climate Action, the camps tend to bring together the aims education, sustainable living, direct action and movement building. This summer EYFA got involved with the first Dutch-Belgian Climate Action Camp and this newsletter is a look back on it. link to archive website
.on Carbon Trading – July 2009
With the prospect of catastrophic climate change looming ahead in the not-so-distant future and free-market financial capitalism in big trouble, new markets in carbon have become every big businessman’s new best friend. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will hold their 15th annual Conference of the Parties (COP15) in Copenhagen in December where they will negotiate the treaty to follow the Kyoto Protocol, so we’re dedicating this newsletter to understanding their new money-making bag of tricks. link to archive website
.on the G8 – June 2009
From July 8-10 another G8 summit is planned in Italy. Over the last months a multitude of initiatives have popped up that plan to counter the upcoming summit and there were a range of successful protests against the G8 preparatory ministers’ meetings. In this newsletter we try to summarize the latest developments and look ahead with the question on how to support our fellow activists in Italy. link to archive website
.on Trade & Labour – May 2009
As the financial crisis continues, more and more big businesses have an ‘excuse’ to cut corners by hiring underpaid labour, or laying off workers without honouring their basic rights. In reality, rather than being a setback for the big companies, the crisis seems to be speeding up the wheels of corporate capitalism by offering an increasingly consumerist society cheaper goods in exchange for consumers turning a blind eye to ethical standards. With frustrated workers all over Europe marching in solidarity on May 1st, we introduce our May newsletter. link to archive website
.on Global Matters(2) – March 2009
A round up of important political events taking place in 2009 from the NATO Summit in Strasbourg to No Borders Camps in Calais and Bulgaria, and the COP15 in Copenhagen in December. link to archive website
.on Discontent – February 2009
The 2008-2009 winter has proved a harsh one for peace and social justice movements worldwide. We saw the brutal murder of Alexandros Grigoro-poulos onthe 6th of December and war breaking out again in the Gaza strip. These two events ignited outrage everywhere and moved people in very different contexts to take to the streets. A small overview of mass expressions of discontent around Europe. link to archive website
.on a Loss – January 2009
On January 19th 2009 the Russian activist and human rights community suffered the loss of lawyer Stanislav “Stas” Markelov and critical journalist Anastasia “Skat” Baburova. They were both murdered in cold blood in the center of Moscow. This assassination received wide coverage in both Russian and international press, however almost all of it focused on Markelov’s contribution to human rights advocacy, not to his and Anastasia’s incredibly significant activities and involvement in the activist community. link to archive website
.on The Crisis – December 2008
No, not a newsletter on the food or water crisis. Not on the energy crisis nor on the climate crisis or the social crisis. We close off the year with the financial and economical crisis!! Is it a bad thing? Is it a good thing? And is it an opportunity for radical transformation? link to archive website
.on Veganism – November 2008
Since 1994, the year in which the English Vegan Society turned 50, November 1st has been celebrated as World Vegan Day. For many vegan and animal rights groups this has turned November into Vegan Month which is we dedicate this newsletter to discussing Veganism and some surrounding issues. link to archive website
.on Antifascism – October 2008
With queer festivals in Belgrade and Sarajevo getting attacked by fascist hooligans, nazi scum murdering people in the streets of Russia, and the Italian government forcing Roma kids to give their fingerprints while the new mayor of Rome gets a Sieg Heil salute from a full square of people… it is time for a newsletter on antifascism!! link to archive website
.on Ecotopia 2008 – September 2008
It has been a month since Ecotopia ended and things are finally starting to settle down and get back to ‘normal’ in the office. In this newsletter we give an update on exactly what went down in Turkey and also talk about what’s next for EYFA and Ecotopia. link to archive website
.on Global Matters(1) – July 2008
It looks like it is going to be a hot summer of transnational gatherings and transnational action. So whether you jump on your bike, the bus or train crossing borders to put up your tent or roll out your sleeping bag elsewhere (those privileged to cross borders, that is), or whether you stay in your neighborhood and bring global matters to the forefront in your locality, there sure is no need to get bored the coming months. link to archive website
.on Nuclear Power – June 2008
With organization of our Ecotopia ‘Alternative Energies’ meeting in Turkey now well underway, we talk about nuclear power and highlight the ongoing activities against it. link to archive website
.on Immigrant Initiatives – April 2008
With this newsletter we emphasize the active role of immigrants in their own struggles. Immigrants and refugees are not mere victims to be defended and, though their actions may sometimes go unseen, they are courageously speaking out loud, simultaneously resisting and confronting migration regimes from all over the World. link to archive website
.on Agrofuels – March 2008
This issue of EYFA newsletter is about AGROFUELS – a false solution to climate change and the ongoing ecological and energy crisis. We discuss what agrofuels are and activist initiatives and struggles around this threat to climate, food supply, human rights and biodiversity. link to archive website
.on Militarization – February 2008
With big anti- NATO protests coming up, and the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war, we thought it was time for a newsletter on ‘Militarization.’ link to archive website
.on Over-consumerism – December 2007
Buy Nothing Christmas greetings from the EYFA office! As another
‘biggest ever’ Christmas forcefully approaches, and Santa’s Sleigh seems to have been replaced by giant container ships from China bringing tonnes of throwaway pleasures, the December newsletter is about over-consumerism. link to archive website
.on Borders – November 2007
While putting this newsletter together tents are still being set up on both sides of the US/Mexico border. It’s the third NoBorder Camp this year after Camps in the Ukraine in August and UK in September. And for today November 10 – on the 18th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall – actions will be mounted against border regimes in Mexico, Guatemala, the United States, Canada, Israel and Palestine.
link to archive website
.on GMOs – September 2007
EYFA’s summer was busy, with time spent in Portugal implementing projects, like the annual gathering Ecotopia and also an exchange about Migration. At the same time in Portugal, a campaign against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) brought this issue into the forefront of Portuguese public and political debate. So we thought it would be a good moment to focus our newsletter on the issue of GMOs. We hope this highlights the campaigns and initiatives gaining momentum around Europe, which attempt to educate about the dangerous development and use of GMO agricultural models. link to archive website