Sharing is Caring

An important aspect of creating sustainable practices is documentation and information distribution. As part of our ongoing efforts to support young activists, EYFA has always gathered and provided useful resources.

Most recently this effort has been renewed and re-focused through the development of guides and online platforms on various social justice and capacity building themes.

On this page you will find all of the resources and materials that we have created or collaborated with through out the years:

Guide “Dealing with conflict in our groups”:  A guide written in collaboration with  Seeds for Change Oxford and published by EYFA,  aimed at people and groups working for social change who want to develop an understanding of conflict and how to deal with it. There are versions in english and castellano.

Can Poetry Survive Capitalism?: We wrote poems – some together, some alone – to share with you on how we contaminate the isolation and alienation of the precarious life under neo-liberal capitalism.

Caring Movements: ‘Caring Movements: Chronic Illness and Activism’ is the name of this zine, in which several contributors offer immensely important content on accessibility and inclusion in our activist movements.

Sustaining Social Movements Report: Report based on conversations with 20 organizers and movement analysts across six continents (EYFA being one of them) The author, Phil Wilmot, presents the challenges faced by social movements these days.

Push or Pull, the Podcast where we say ‘Conflict is OK’ – listen to the full episodes here and find the full transcript here

coLABOURate: A resource pack on economic inclusion and alternatives like workers cooperatives and mutual aid spaces.

Skillshare: A portal to activist resource guides and workshop modules.

Ignite!: A collection of texts and workshops to be used in formal and non-formal anti-racist education.

Calais, Calais: A book is based on the impression and experience from Amy Non, an activist who stayed in Calais along the first half of 2014.

(Dis?)Ability: An online course that explores ways to increase accessibility in activism and event organizing.

A Guide for Designing Online Accessible Tools: Flyer that resulted of collaborative work with many people, and it is also a great complement to the online course above. You can download it in 4 language versions to print and share around.

Autonomous Passage_Intentional access for & by mindful movements: A brochure with some impressions, personal experiences, tips and data concerning accessibility and it’s many layers.

Queer Elsewhere Zine: A zine about the practice of self-care in the queer BIPoC activist community collectively created by the participants of the Queer Elsewhere Gathering in 2022.

How to build an intersectional movement: A handbook capturing lessons from the BIPoC Climate Justice Conference. Created in collaboration with the BIPoC Climate Justice Network.

Decolonize your movement! : A handbook providing readers with a map of the work of decolonization and tools to dismantle it’s impacts on today’s social movements.

Learning Guide to Documentation : A guide providing methods for young activists to use so that their videos can be as valuable as possible in visibilizing grassroots struggles as well as exposing abuse, both aiding in social justice movements.

Climate Justice and Accessibility: A guide with decolonial perspectives and guidance on the topics of climate justice and accessibility.