Disabled is not less abled: Inclusion of youth with disabilities in grassroots groups

The main focus of EYFA 2021 activities was accessibility and inclusion. We wanted to encourage and facilitate groups to ask the question of who is not participating in activities or being part of spaces, and from this question actively work on collaborating and creating more inclusive groups and spaces, particularly within the racial, social and environmental justice movements.

The first project brought youth activists together for a set of 4 study visits to various disability organizations and collectives within Europe to be informed of the situation and needs of people living with disabilities in different countries.

Next, the international gathering of young organizers, a balance of those with and without disabilities met for a week to exchange and skillshare on the topic of inclusion and accessibility through non-hierarchical learning processes. Visit this page to see what happened during the gathering.

In this activity we aimed to mobilise youth activists and organizers to create their own tool, which is an online course, on the topic of accessibility and inclusiveness in grassroot organizing. The accessibility course you can take directly from our website!