1997 – 2007


Belarusian Social Forum – 15th to 20th May, Belarus
The Belarusian Social Forum was organized by local alter-globalist groups together with EYFA. The Forum was an autonomous space where Belarusian and foreign activists and grassroots initiatives met face to face to discuss local, as well as global themes. More details about the project here.
Youth Crossing Borders – August, Portugal
Youth participants from around Europe came together to share experiences on migration and to develop tools for building active European citizenship. More details about the project here.
Women crossing communities, Linking art, activism and communities : A Trilogy
This project was carried out in cooperation with ESC gallery from Graz (Austria), KUD Mreza from Ljubljana (Slovenia) and EYFA, Amsterdam (The Netherlands). During the span of one year three main events were held in Graz, Ljubljana and Amsterdam. The project brought together female artists, activists, cultural workers, curators, art historians and theorists. More details about the project here.


Moja tvoja ne ponimaj/Mine don’t understand yours – 7th to 11th June, Berlin
This East-West Conference was a part of the “all different – all equal” campaign. More details about the project here. More details about the project here.
Art in Action meeting – 6th to 20th August, Slovakia
A part of “all different – all equal” campaign.
Art and Activism Caravan – Summer 2006
More details about the project here. More details about the project here.


Youth developing tools for multicultural understanding and inclusion of minorities – Republic of Moldova
This exchange brought together youth workers and volunteers, interested in giving a (greater) multicultural focus to their work, learning together to increasingly reach out to young members of minorities and incorporate youth from different cultures into social and environmental projects.
EYFA Winter meeting – Ireland


Eyfa winter meeting – Croatia
International youth conference
Youth Media Against Racism, Xenophobia and Racial Discrimination in CEE/CIS Countries – Czech Republic
International youth conference


EYFA easter meeting – Spain


EYFA winter meeting – Spain
This exchange was organised together with the Rising Tide network and included a series of workshops about climate change.


EYFA winter meeting – Poland
Unity Ride to EYFA summer gathering – Bulgaria


CIA (Counter Information Agency) Infocafe starts up – Amsterdam, Netherlands


Winter meeting – January


SET final tour – Croatia, Italy, France, Germany
The Verge changes to GREENPEPPER


SET – Czech Republic/Slovakia
The second SET took place in Cooperation with PIANO (Prague International Anti Nuclear Office).
Gender meeting neXXt, Y not work together – Budapest