EYFA is a network of individuals, collectives and organisations from all around Europe. There are no membership rules or fees required to join the EYFA network; EYFA is open to all grassroots, collectively organised youth movements focusing on environmental and social justice.

The EYFA network is primarily used to share information, skills and resources. It is a way to transnationally connect local issues and struggles. In particular, it focuses on connecting groups in Eastern and Western Europe, building solidarity amongst different regions.

The EYFA Network has two permanent working groups: Network Strategy and East-West. These groups help the office team in Berlin to identify the needs of groups in the network and decide on the focus of upcoming upcoming projects. The working groups help to ensure that EYFA consistently works towards its aims: capacity building, participatory processes and East-West networking.

For each EYFA project a temporary working group is also created to support the logistics and develop the content of the project. Sometimes these groups continue working together after the project’s completion.

Typically, the network has one or two meetings each year where the priorities and strategy of the network are decided upon and projects and activities are developed. Between meetings, members stay in touch via mailing lists and online meetings. Like all EYFA meetings, decisions are made on a consensus basis.