The Ecotopia Biketour is an eco-mobile do-it-yourself (DIY) community. It is for everyone interested in environmentalism, activism, community life and the art of travelling without engines. It is an experience aiming to build up strong connections between participants coming from different cultures and groups, as well as between participants and the tour’s hosts.

On the road Biketour participants share skills, practice consensus and act communally to create an informal and non-hierarchical environment. They cook local vegan food using a self-built rocket stove, camp and move everything by sheer pedal power on bikes and trailers – it is an evolving intentional community. The Biketour visits places of alternative living, environmental and social struggle, ecological farms, etc and love to be part of Critical Mass rides.

Although autonomous, it was one of EYFA’s very special projects and has maintained a connection with the network throughout the years. It has brought people together in Europe to exercise the sustainable transportation method of cycling since the 1980s. Up until 2008 the final destination of the Biketour was always the annual Ecotopia camp. Since then, the Biketour collectively organises a new route highlighting a different theme such as; food sovereignty; sustainable economics or global justice.

See the Biketour website for more information.