Crowdfunding Campaign

We’d like to share with you our crowdfunding campaign:

EYFA is a european network of individuals, grassroots organisations and collectives working to transform communities in their approach to environmental, social, political and economic positions.
EYFA strives for a world based on social, environmental and economic justice, in which people feel empowered to act and raise their voices on the issues that affect their lives.
EYFA works to challenge the dominant neoliberal social and economic system, while developing new ways of organising our communities based on environmental and social sustainability.

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Regenerative Activism for Trans Organisers and Activists in Ulex

Tools for effective and sustainable activism (26.04 – 5.05.2019)

This workshop offers a range of tools, collective and personal, which can make our activism more effective and sustainable. These methods can help us avoid burnout and stay in it for the long haul, adding continuity to our movement building. A ‘regenerative’ approach goes beyond sustainability to explore how we can organise in ways that actually renew or revitalize our own resources and those of our groups – this can help us stay inspired, nourished, & more creative in our tactical approach.


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Миру мир: Connecting peace-building communities across Europe – sing up for the workshop

The third workshop facilitated by EYFA EVS volunteers will take place on next Thursday – the 18th of December. Title: Tools against racism and xenophobia (2.h).

Topics to discuss:

  • racism and xenophobia – how it works?
  • how we can combat it – our experiences, good practices, bad examples
  • anti-oppression work – do you know?
  • the concept of solidarity.

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‘Unite! Young women* exploring labour rights’- video screening in Berlin

Brunnen collective hosts FLTI* evening! Come and enjoy the queer vibe in our dark bar. We are starting with zine reading and exchanging, so bring whatever you want to share, we will open our mobile library as well.
At 7 pm we are screening the video ‘Unite! Young women* exploring labour rights’, short but great, so don’t be late! After the movie we will invite you to join speed dating with helping questions about money 🙂 Have no fear, the sooner you talk about it the easier the future of your love life is!

Doors open at 5, leave some euros there, we are fundraising for the FLTI* soli room! CU!
Event in English and German, let us know if you need translation to any other language.

‘Unite! Young women* exploring labour rights’ – video screening in Berlin

We’ve got a special screening for you Berlin! 22nd November 2018 at 19:00 in NYimB. The short film artistically and convincingly conveys the perspectives of young women* activists on the labour market.

After the video there will be an opportunity to ask the questions to people, who took part in the movie and chat about our favorite topics – money, labour market, neo-liberalism, capitalism, unemployment, retirement and many many more.