Anti-colonial Month Berlin 2019


This year between October 12th, the starting point of the colonization of the American continents in 1492, and November 15th, the opening day of the Berlin Congo conference that decided over the colonial partition of Africa in 1884, among various migrant collectives we are organizing the first Anti-colonial Month, a series of actions and events in Berlin.

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EYFA @ Klimacamp im Rheinland!

This year’s Klimacamp im Rheinland is happening from the 15. – 27. August and we highly recommend you to check your calendars and visit them!

Not only because the programme will be amazing and their three main topics
– Self-organisation
– Raising awareness for different forms of discrimination
– Actions & exchange around global and local energy struggles

convince us, but also because EYFA will hold their yearly Network Meeting at the Klimacamp!

As always we will have some internal discussions about our long-term strategy, future projects and priorities, but this year we will also offer some public sessions which are open for all participants at the Klimacamp!
And if you like it: EYFA is an open network and we are always happy to welcome new groups who share our values and principles and who are eager to connect with us in a struggle for a socially and ecologically more just world.

We’re excited to go and connect to all the great activists from different parts of Europe and to learn about your struggles!

So, don’t forget to pass by the EYFA tent at the camp and check out our agenda and open session.

See you there, the EYFA team

Volunteer Opening at the Ulex Project in Catalunya

The Ulex Project is looking for an energised, organised and self-motivated person to volunteer as part of the onsite residential support team for the centre. Ulex is an innovative capacity building programme for social movements. This is an ideal opportunity for someone interested in activist education because the role offers a fantastic chance to support social change activists and trainers from all over Europe.
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EVS Info Evening! 23.05.2019 at 7 p.m.

The European Solidarity Corps (before known as EVS) is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. Find out more here.Are you ready to see new horizons, build new friendships, and learn how to challenge yourself? Then come stop by this info event to learn how you can make it happen!

Three young people from Russia, Ukraine and Spain are willing to share their experiences after almost a year in Berlin. They will speak about working on the EYFA projects with youths from the whole Europe, traveling by land (sometimes for many hours) and biking in the city (sometimes in the rain or snow), challenges of open source programmes, workshop designing and facilitating, getting involved in local activist groups, cooking vegan, learning German and more. They are happy to answer your questions, watch together some funny pictures and talk seriously about the politics.

Vegan snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, zines and info materials will be available. Free entrance.

Ende Gelände Call for Action 2019

We say Ende Gelände (Stop here)! Stop coal and let all villages stay #AlleDörferBleiben. Disobedient against capitalism and for climate justice – worldwide!

We are the immediate coal exit. From 19 to 24 June we set ourselves against the destruction of the earth in the Rhineland and block the coal infrastructure.

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Regenerative Activism for Trans Organisers and Activists in Ulex


Tools for effective and sustainable activism (26.04 – 5.05.2019)

This workshop offers a range of tools, collective and personal, which can make our activism more effective and sustainable. These methods can help us avoid burnout and stay in it for the long haul, adding continuity to our movement building. A ‘regenerative’ approach goes beyond sustainability to explore how we can organise in ways that actually renew or revitalize our own resources and those of our groups – this can help us stay inspired, nourished, & more creative in our tactical approach.


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coLABOURate Resource Pack *English Edition*

As a result of our 2018 Workplan ‘coLABOURate! Young people taking economic inclusion into their own hands‘, we’d like to share our resource pack that was created with input from all of our 2018 activities. If you’re interested in non-formal education youth work on the topic of economic inclusion, please check it out and get back to us with your feedback! And if you’re an individual interested in understanding more about workers cooperatives or mutual aid spaces, we feel we’ve collected some valuable resources for you too!

We write this resource pack for people concerned already with environmental and/or social justice. And some of them might be asking themselves, why the big focus on economic topics here? Is there really such a thing as ‘economic justice’?
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Миру мир: Series night: This is Neoliberlism (2018-2019)

Who doesn’t love watching series? If you do, we are sure you do, and you not only watch, but discuss it afterwards, share your opinions in social media or while talking with friends – this is the even for you!
All 3 parts will be screened in New Yorck at 7 pm, followed by discussions with our guests, who will try their best to translate the movies into the language we can all access. Time to know the enemy 😉

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