Core Objectives

EYFA has four core objectives at the center of everything we do:

  • Capacity building: from at least 3 levels, empowering individuals to combat precarity; helping groups develop the skills and knowledge to gain access to funding, resources, training and the tools to articulate, debate and enact their ideas; and supporting movement-level solidarity (beyond the superficiality of ‘networking’) among like-minded youth initiatives.
  • Civic engagement and participatory processes: To support grassroots in developing more egalitarian, conscious and participatory processes and to create their own legacy by developing resource materials which can be disseminated in their communities . To engage environmental and social justice movement in challenging their own racism, white privilege, euro-centrism, and colonialism.
  • Cross-regional Cooperation:  To develop closer cooperation through joint initiatives and the sharing of ideas, histories and experiences amongst grassroots groups working in different political and social contexts around Europe.

  • Intersectionality: An intersectional approach is fundamental for a just society. We believe that all different kinds of injustices are inter-connected and for that we need to take into account the multiple axes of power, privilege, and oppression, name and address them all, calling people in, in order to achieve transformative social justice.