How We Work

EYFA’s work practise is based on collaboration, non-hierarchy, consensus-decision making and ongoing reflection about privilege and oppression. These principles are part of the office work culture, the EYFA network, and all projects EYFA takes part in.

EYFA both initiates and supports grassroots, youth projects. Sometimes projects are ‘one off’ but longer-term, self-sustaining projects and initiatives are preferred. Through these projects EYFA offers direct and indirect support to a diverse range of grassroots groups and social movements:

  • Grassroots groups combating xenophobia, homo-, trans- and queerphobia, racism, fascism, sexism, ableism and all other forms of exploitation and injustice.
  • Grassroots groups promoting cultural diversity and the rights of women, LGBTIQ, indigenous, migrants and workers.
  • Grassroots groups combating environmental degradation, ecosystem destruction and animal exploitation and promoting biological diversity.

EYFA gives young activists an international perspective, but we also find it essential to keep focus rooted in local communities and the grassroots of social and ecological change.

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