EYFA Network CrisiFund – call for support

Given the current pandemic, and its widespread effects including extensive repressions in many contexts, we’d like to propose a temporary but important support structure for the EYFA Network.

What is it?
CrisiFund is EYFA’s small support initiative for our comrades, friends, network members. For groups that had to stop their actions due to corona virus, but still have expenses. Or, because of the crisis, started new activities or would like to do something and need money to continue or kick it off.

For people, who lost their jobs or other sources of money, who can’t afford the current way of living, who support other people in need, who suffer from capitalism even more…

To take advantage of our broad social network we wish to connect people from different parts of europe in order to exchange whatever we have – info and money, LOVE AND SOLIDARITY, poems and slingshots. Against isolation, individualism, and borders.

How can I contribute?
We are asking those in our network who have the possibility to donate funds to support. We encourage everyone to think of themselves as potential donors as well as potential users of this fund. It’s mutual help, not charity! For any info or to find out how to support the fund, please contact us.

Further, if you have any other resources (particularly online ones) that you can share, we are pleased to share them wider via this blog or one of our mailing lists.