.on Activist Events – Spring 2019


Here comes the list of exciting events in your close and far neighborhood.
Take a look before you go for a holiday, there is a huge chance you will change your plans and join one of them.

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And this is not our last word! For autumn/winter we are planning to release the second one, so stay in touch with EYFA.


1. Anarchist Black Cross – Solidarity festival
25.-28.04 EKH, Vienna, Austria

2. Regenerative Activism for Trans Organisers and Activists
26.04 – 5.05. Ulex, Catalunya
This workshop offers a range of tools, collective and personal, which can make our activism more effective and sustainable.


3. May Anarchist Book fair Mannheim
10-12.05. Mannheim, Germany

4. Recht auf Stadt-Forum (Reclaim the streets)
17-19.05. Hamburg, Germany
This Reclaim the streets meeting is a network meeting of reclaim the streets groups from Germany and a few from other countries.

5. Food Autonomy Festival
31.05 – 2.06. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
The topics of this years’ festival will be: “Organic vs. Industrial Food Production”, “Green Lifestyle” and “How to take action”, one of which will run on each of the three days.


6. ‘in our bodies – on the streets’
17-22.06. Tábor, Czech Republic
Generative somatics is a methodology of individual and collective transformation. It offers a path of embodied transformation, supporting healing individual and collective trauma and addressing privilege and oppression. This course is geared towards grassroots activists from Central Eastern Europe.
Application deadline: 15.03.2019.

7. Suil an craic Walk
June/July/August. Ireland.

8. Ende Gelände
20-23.06. Garzweiler, Germany
The Ende Gelände is a mass action of civil disobedience.


9. Klimakemp
1-7.07. Czech Republic
The third Climate Camp in Czech Republic will bring together climate activists and allied movements from the whole of central Europe – to live together in an autonomous space acording to our ideals, to network, to educate ourselves, to have a good time – and last but not least, to take action for an immediate phase out of coal and other fossil fuels.

10. Transborder Summer Camp –
For Freedom of Movement and Equal Social Rights!

11. 9-15.07. ZAD near Nantes, France.
We call for this summer camp, to bring together different struggles to fight for freedom of movement and equal social rights. Transborder means for us to bridge structures along different flight routes and to create common strategies to fight for a society based on openness and solidarity and not on exclusion and exploitation.

12. Second Climate Camp
17-27.07. Poznan region, Poland

13. No Border Camp
31.07 – 5.08. Netherlands

14. Camp ‘who lives with whom? how? and why?’
5-22.07. Thüringen, Germany
It is a queer, feminist and anti-capitalist campthat desires to seek, find, try, imagine, live an discuss alternative ways of living together apart from what seems to be normal and self-evident.
We want to create an anti-authoritarian and empowering space for communication, change, and mutual support. Let‘s help each other in our efforts to live the alternatives we want to see, until one day they will have become self-evident to ourselves as
well as to society.

15. AJUCA Camp
24-28.07. Lärz, Germany

16. Camp for [future] 2019
26.07 – 04.08. near Hambacher Forest, Germany
You’re interested in finding out more about topics like renewable energies, racism and feminism and want to expand your knowledge about environmental psychology and causes of migration? You want to participate in interesting workshops, meet nice people and discuss our future together?
Let’s join the “camp for [future]”! We want to put alternative ideas into practice and we’re going to reach out to the people who are affected by the coalmine. Nevertheless we’ll enjoy the relaxing festival atmosphere with concerts and lots of social activities. This time with young activist from 13 different countries – to show what the lignite mine thing is about, and learn from other examples all over the world.


17. Ecotopia 2019
8-16.08. near Berlin, Germany
Come join us in creating a vision for a world in turmoil, a world unaware of the possibilities inherent in our European and Planetary
heritage of nature and culture, of heart, mind and souls, of light and shadow.
pre-registration: WelcomeHome2Ecotopia@posteo.net

18. FemWo
22-25.08. near Basel, Switzerland
This year we want to create an open space to develop feminist ideas and create networks. There will be theoretical and practical workshops, discussions and also space for spontaneous ideas. The FemWo will would like to facilitat the connection of queerfeminist, anticapitalistic and antiracist fights and has a intersectional approach. Open for all women*Lesbian* Trans*Inter*Genderqueer* people. Cis-Man are asked to solitarily not attend the weekend.
more info: femwo@immerda.ch

19. Fre!lauf – DIY BIKE CAMP
22-25.08. near Wittstock, Germany
Self-organized bike camp to bring together bike enthusiasts and activists from all over Germany (and beyond). Workshops, bike challenges, bike kitchen, Freakbike building, political exchange and more.
The program will be in German but the camp is open to interested people from everywhere.

20. Resistance against G7
Summer. Biarritz, France


21. FreeTheSoil Camp
September. Brunsbüttel, Germany
Climate and Agriculture camp should be a space for all of us to meet, tell stories, exchange knowledge and ideas, and prepare for action. A space for practicing alternatives to industrial agriculture and other ways of living in opposition to capitalist society. It should be a space for collective dreaming of a better world and for connecting our various struggles of resistance.


22. War Start Here
1-9.09. Unterluess, Germany
The activities around the antiwar day on the 1.9. don’t only mean resistance against the armaments industry, but also the advocacy for a better world. We want to discuss the conversion towards a civil and ecological production instead of a destructive industry. We are advocating a peaceful and social cooperation instead of murder and competition. We no longer stand a world full of discrimination and oppression.

23. 4th Warsaw Independent Bookfair
7-8.09. Warsaw, Poland
WIB is a yearly bookfair / zine fest, accompanied by events including discussions, lectures, workshops, and concerts, with focus on grassroots initiatives outside the mainstream and an exchange of our experiences and stories.