Step Up! Boosting youth activism against right-wing extremism in Eastern Europe

Twenty-five participants from 11 countries took part in this week-long training. The program was designed to provide participants tools and space to involve in the struggle for social justice in a more efficient way. The wish for a training like this was expressed by Eastern European groups within the EYFA network as they felt the need to develop skills that they would share afterwards in their local contexts. This led to the core objectives of the training being:

  • Provide young activists and people affected with tools they need to run participatory workshops, skillshare and self-organise against right-wing extremism.

  • Create a space for Eastern European youth to share their experience in combating right wing extremism.

  • Facilitate development of contextualised workshops and presentations.

  • Support involvement of young Eastern Europeans in a wider network of international activists combating right wing extremism.

After the training, as a follow-up, participants together with mentors facilitated 6 local trainings in Macedonia, Serbia, Poland, Russia and Estonia.

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This project was made possible with the financial support of the European Youth Foundation – Council of Europe.

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