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Accessible and Inclusive Event Organizing: collaborative tools and tactics in practice

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Date: 27 September – 03 Oktober
Place: Quecke – antidiscriminatory & selforganized seminarhouse, queerfeminist landproject in northeastern brandenburg, Germany.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this international gathering, which will bring
together young activists to share ideas, experiences and practical tools to challenge the ways
we organize events, making them more accessible to all. Join us for a week of horizontal
learning processes with workshops, discussion spaces for sharing experiences & collective
self-care tools, strengthening our networks of support and solidarity.

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Moving towards an accessible future –

ESC project presents a series of events run by EYFA volunteers

Any types of barriers – to start from the stairs, through the language and way of communicating/participating to end up with technical obstacles. And the structural ones! Economical, cultural, legal. Is the activism place for white, cis and abled bodies only?

Let’s proof together it is not. Let’s talk, learn and investigate how to increase the accessibility in our movements. Let’s hang out to build the connections, we are stronger together.

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Fascism, Family, Religion: Queer Resistance in Poland and Germany – participate online!

100 places in Poland declared themselves as “LGBT-free zones”. Queers are not welcome there. In 2015 the PiS party came with nearly 40% of the votes into government for whom homo-and transphobia is a fundamental part of their ideology. In spite of this political climate activists took the streets and created public form of protest like creatively changing monuments. In the last years Germany witnessed an uprise in anti-queer-networks like the “Demo für Alle” (March for all) were right and christian groups organised nationwide protest.

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ONLINE EVENT – Creative Workshop

In the newly adjusted ESC online format, volunteers have put together a participatory virtual program for the time until we can meet again.

Expanding on the topic of the previous online discussion where we shared the ways in which we currently collectively take care of each other, we want to let our imagination lose and explore wild ideas that might be too out there for our current world. No idea is too wild!
Perhaps you’ve read something that poked your interest? You’ve watched a film or listened to music that inspired you? Let’s explore what makes our imagination run!

In these difficult times it is more important than ever to dream big and different and to support each other in our wildest dreams!

Join us next Friday, 22 January 2021 18.00 CET

Register at to receive link.

Support revolution in Belarus

For over three months, people in Belarus have been fighting against the authoritarian regime.

Since the first days of the uprising, anarchists have been actively participating in street demonstrations and various initiatives in their places of residence. Activists are agitating for self-organization and decentralized protest. Some organized a partisan group. The determination and persistency of anarchist movement of the country has made us one of the most organized political forces in the fight against the dictatorship.

To support the crowdfunding campaign and learn more go here.


2020 has made everyone think about what is essential – caring for people, for society and for the planet that sustains us. Crisis is all around us: health, the economy, neo-colonialism, structural discriminations of all kinds, injustice and inequality, ecological collapse. And these crises are interconnected.

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Invitation for Online Youth Gathering for Climate and Social Justice

We are very happy to announce and officially invite you to join the Online Youth Gathering for Climate and Social Justice, which will take place online from 3rd to 13th of September.

The main objective of the online gathering is to cover topics around Intersectionality, Commons, European Green Deal and the injustices behind the pandemic of Covid-19. Also we are aiming to collect young people’s visions for what European Green New Deal should look like, including concrete demands and goals for European and national governments. Apart from this, we will have a lot of additional sessions, to share, learn and enjoy.

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