Right to Come! Right to Stay!

We are very exited to share with you the open call for the Decolonial Climate Justice Gathering: Right to Come! Right to Stay! EYFA and Papaya Kuir (NL) are happy to invite you to our international gathering by and for BIPoC, migrants, refugees and activists. During 6 days we will have workshops on the topics of climate justice and forced migration, self-organisation, sustainable activism and empowerment.


From the 20th – 25th of August.


Near Amsterdam, Netherlands.


This 6 day gathering is about BIPoC refugee solidarity and resistance with focus on climate justice and forced migration. The areas and people most affected by climate change are not the ones who are causing the most greenhouse gases. We call for climate justice and freedom of movement! The capitalist exploitation of ecosystems and black, indigenous and people of colour (BIPoC) is connected and so is the resistance! The workshops are for empowerment, networking and knowledge exchange. The idea if to create a zine as a tool for knowledge sharing. The workshops and organising team are majority queer BIPoCs. They are familiar to tools and strategies to combat challenges during the processes of arriving.

Costs and support

The entire event is free of change for all participants. Accommodation and meals are covered. Travel costs will be reimbursed, childcare if possible, translation available, please let us know in the registration.


To register follow this link If you have any questions you can write us an Email. We are looking forward to meeting you!