Book release: Calais Calais

The Book Calais, Calais is based on the impression and experience from Amy Non, an activist who stayed in Calais along the first half of 2014.

The story begin in New Year’s Eve – a car goes to Calais for a network meeting and the protagonist spontaneously decides to stay and to dedicate the coming month to support refugees in Calais. Besides personal experiences the book also provide facts about Calais and the uprising right wing movement, the European border regime, the country of origin of refugees and theoretical reflexion on gender, privilege, racism burn-out and trauma.

As a personal field report it is a complement to fact based reports about Calais and provides a lively story about the personal situation that Migrants and Activist are experiencing in the daily live of Calais. It will be used to prepare and inform the readers in a literate and sometimes poetic way.

From the book:
This is about activism at the borders.
On the one hand about experience, images
On the other about inquiring, searching.
And about questions, open ones
Then a consequence, again.
In the end it’s about resistance.

The book was printed with the friendly support of the European Youth Foundation and EYFA.

It is available as a PDF in German, English and French below:
Calais, Calais_DE_Download



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