#NoMoreWar Campaign info events

3 more campaign info event happened this month. 2 in Ukraine and 1 in Spain.
Local anti-war activists got together to discuss the intersectional geopolitical background of war (with a feminist perspective) and its link to the industrial-military complex as root cause of migration, impact on the environment and develop possibilities for non-violent actions for peace locally and internationally. Brochure “Recommendations for an inclusive feminist anti-war campaign” was presented in English and Russian. Also the discussion about social media and on-line campaigning evolved.

Unlike other info events in Poland, those were not publicly announced for security reasons and were aiming building cross-border activist cooperation, less than wide public debates.
EYFA’s partners, allies, volunteers and followers made #NoMoreWar campaign possible. Together we aim to build alliances across differences, centering the ones most affected by war. Thanks for everyone who took part. Solidarity knows no borders!