Queer Elsewhere – Exploring intersecting oppressions of queer migrant youth

We are happy to announce that together with our partner @casakua, we are organizing a week-long international youth gathering ‘Queer elsewhere – Exploring intersecting oppressions of queer migrant youth’ at La Bassa Mar, Spain next month.

We are preparing a whole week of activities where we can exchange our experiences as queer migrants / marginalized youth, exploring parts of our identities that are often unseen.

Let’s create space to grow, to learn / unlearn and strengthen our communities in a loving and caring way.

The registration form is below. Read it carefully and if you feel like this activity is for you then please apply! The gathering is open to youth (18 – 30 yo) based anywhere in Europe. Travel costs, accommodation and food are provided.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
And, like always, kindly share ❤️

Official Call-Out / Application Form

* This activity is funded by the European Youth Foundation – Council of Europe & Movement Hub

Decolonizing sexual health

From the global distribution of sexual health resources to our most intimate interactions with our partners, colonization’s impacts can be still felt and seen.

What are the ways colonization has created damage with regard to sexual health? How does such damage unequally impact certain communities more than others? What does decolonization mean in the context of sexuality and sexual health?

These questions will be addressed in this space. Through various inputs and groups/individual activities, the history and narratives around sexual health will be explored.

We will reflect on how historical events and narratives still play out in our contemporary engagement with sexually transmitted infections, and how cultural practices inform current policies and regulations around sexual health.

Finally, we will reflect on how to reclaim power and freedom in sexuality.

When: 24th August 2022 – 18:00
Where: @casakua
Naunynstr. 72, Kreuzberg
Registration: 2022@eyfa.org

This workshop and all EYFA events are free of charge.

Action Climbing Training (AKT) for BIPoC

Warm invitation to the Action Climbing Training (AKT) for BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) People effected by Racism/Antisemitism from August 21-26, 2022 in a forest near Cologne

What is an AKT?
AKT stands for Action Climbing Training. Climbing skills needed for tree climbing and climbing structures are shared in order to be able to implement political actions like banner drops, blockades and much more. Our 6-day intensive training includes all the important basics of technical climbing needed for actions including: Introduction to materials, knot tying, ascending trees with and without ropes, rappelling techniques, belaying techniques, moving at heights, installing and removing ropes, rescue, rope bridge construction, horizontal moving on the rope, rope assisted hanging of banners, action planning and scouting concerning climbing, 1st aid.

Close to Lützerath, when you register there is more information on the exact location. We are trying to organize a shuttle from the next train station.
There is the possibility to camp, an outdoor kitchen as well as sanitary facilities to let the event take place mainly outside.
If you have other needs regarding sleeping space, please contact us and we will find a solution!

BIPoC AKT will take place from August 21-26, 2022. On July 21, arrival is scheduled for late afternoon. So we will start the program in the evening after the first dinner together. The AKT will end in the evening on August 26. It is important to be present for the whole period. Therefore, please register only if this works for you.
If you would like to stay longer in Unser Aller Wald or Lützerath, please contact us and we can arrange a contact.

Who is the AKT for?
This training is for Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This means all people affected by racism and/or anti-Semitism. It is aimed at anyone who wants to be active in political climbing action and/or has a desire to pass on climbing skills to political activists.
It is aimed at BIPoCs with and without previous experience. But it is important for us to emphasize: You don’t need any prior experience! We start from scratch. Even specific climbing equipment is not a prerequisite. Climbing is certainly emotionally and/or physically challenging for many people. Fear of heights, physical limitations, learning difficulties or similar are not directly exclusion criteria! If you would like to participate but have concerns, please contact us. This way we can think of alternatives and you can come to the training encouraged!

Feel free to write your questions or concerns to: bipoc-actionclimbing@riseup.net
You can also register via this email address. We are looking forward to your registration (with name) ((and pronoun)) and will contact you shortly with further information.

Help-desk workshop: Grant writing

A successful grant application can get you money and allow you to implement your project ideas or make them more sustainable.

In these two sessions we will go into the motivations behind grant applications and learn how to identify suitable and unsuitable funders. We will touch on the non-profit industrial complex, introducing some ideas from “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded” by INCITE and examining how we can survive under capitalism and other oppressions and do necessary and sustainable community, artistic and activist work.

We will cover best practice in all basic elements of developing a project and writing a grant application including project proposal, budget and timelines. This interactive lecture will give you the tools to get cracking on your next funding application and identify areas you need to work on. Please bring a project or project idea with you as we will learn by doing!

Duration of the workshop: 2 days
When: 08th and 15th August – 18:30

Where: @oya_bar
Mariannenstr. 06
10997 Berlin

Social Uprising and Other Current struggles in Colombia

We are very happy to invite you the launching event of our project Learning Documentation.
We will start it off on July 24 with the screening of various documentaries and sharing of experiences and perspectives on the social uprising in Colombia in 2021 with three activists from Colombia that are active in the projects @hogueradiystri and @dostristestigres_

There will be vegan soli food! Come tested and vaccinated!

When: 24th July, 19:00

Where: Hausprojekt M29, Malmöerstr. 29, 10429 Berlin

Call out for youth exchange DEEP-T

Democracy Education for Ecology and Participation – Training

The DEEP-T project aims to explore in a collective way the roots of the ecological and climate crisis, and how to deal with them for a just and sustainable future. You will have the opportunity to discover relevant topics such as the EU Green Deal, degrowth and zero waste. Moreover, you will engage with practical activities such as permaculture or art production as tools for social change. Once acquired, the theoretical and practical tools, you will use them for the creation of new ideas and projects. The week-long program will be intense, no doubt, but don’t despair, we will
have time to get to know each other and enjoy ourselves.

The conceptual frameworks that will guide this learning experience are “social ecology” and “ecological literacy”. Social ecology is all about redesigning the interaction between humans, environments and the living world in a just, sustainable and imaginative way. Ecological literacy is fundamental to make sense of the economic, political and ecological processes as interconnected.

The programme will be divided in 4 phases:
1) discovering: the activities under this group focus on understanding key concepts such as the various crisis, the EU Green deal, getting to know each other and the place where we’ll live.
2) engaging: this phase is all about experiencing; be it through visiting of the local grassroots projects, or the collective elaboration of the learned concepts.

3) transforming: it’s about taking acquired tools and connections and using them to create something, in our case new projects to further our ecological and social values.
4) evaluation: means activities to critically assess what worked, what didn’t, dealing with conflict.
To understand better how these phases will take concrete form in the project, take a look at the draft program of the seminar.
Draft program

This project wants to be welcoming and inclusive for everyone, for this reason, we adopted the safer space policy, which simply is about the behaviours that we want and don’t want during the project. That we highly invite you to read it.

Safer space policy

This youth exchange project aims to open a space where the youth empower and educate each other. Doing so, helps to build a stronger EU citizenry and voices critical engagement with the EU Green Deal and its objectives. The week will be co-organized Democrazia e Ambiente – Udine (Italy), Ataec – Glocal Associative Network of Artists & Community/Climate Actions (Spain), Kollektiv N11 e.V (Germany), The Southern Lights (Greece), Zero Waste Zalec, Civilna iniciativa (Slovenia), Zelena Tranzicija (Serbia).

Practical Information

Participants have to be residents in one of the following countries: Italy, Germany, Spain, Greece, Serbia and Slovenia.
Age Limit: 18-30yrs old
Dates: Thursday 5 – Friday 13 May 2022
Location: Udine, Italy
The participants of the project will receive a Youthpass at the end of the activity.
This project covers the accommodation and 3 meals per day. Traveling will be reimbursed for traveling by land travel and greener means of transportation whenever possible (for more information please contact the reference contact of your country, see below).
The selected applicants will be invited to choose their voluntary solidarity contribution fee, according to their financial possibilities. Bigger contributions will support the participation of applicants with fewer means. The chosen solidarity fee will not be a selection criterion.
Each participant should check the travel requirements and the COVID regulation in the hosting country (Italy).
Selection form
In order to apply please fill out the application form at the following links, by your country of residency.
Resident in Italy
Resident in Greece
Resident in Germany
Resident in Serbia
Resident in Slovenia
Resident in Spain

European Solidarity Corps INFO event

The European Solidarity Corps creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. Find out more here. Are you ready to see new horizons, build new friendships, and learn how to challenge yourself? Then come stop by this info event to learn how you can make it happen!

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(Dis?)Ability 2: Let’s talk about political activism and inclusion

Welcome to the second lesson of the online course (Dis?)Ability, in which we will explore ways to increase accessibility in activism and event organising. In this second lesson you will learn about political activism and inclusion, and ways in which we can make political activism more accessible. Let yourself be inspired by the actions Cécile is sharing in the video <3

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