European Solidarity Corps INFO event

The European Solidarity Corps creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. Find out more here. Are you ready to see new horizons, build new friendships, and learn how to challenge yourself? Then come stop by this info event to learn how you can make it happen!

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digitale Barrierefreiheit

Webseiten für mehr Menschen erlebbar machen
mit Johannes Mairhofer


Dear friends, we are organizing a small Workshop + lecture on "digital accessibility" and would like to invite you to join us! The event is
taking place online and will provide us with the basics steps on
website accessibility and how can we do it ourselves by simply using
Let's learn together!

The workshop is in German and an English translation is possible.

When: 29th November, 14:00 - 16:00.
Please write us back to get a link for the online meeting.

ps.: upon request we can send you the presentation materials and handout books after the workshop.

Liebe Freund*innen, wir veranstalten einen kleinen Workshop + Vortrag
zum Thema "Digitale Barrierefreiheit" und möchten Euch herzlich dazu
einladen! Die Veranstaltung findet online statt und wird uns die
grundlegenden Schritte zur Barrierefreiheit von Webseiten vermitteln und wie wir sie selbst einfach mit WordPress umsetzen können! 
Lasst uns gemeinsam lernen!

Der Workshop ist in deutscher Sprache, eine Übersetzung ins Englische
Sprache ist möglich.

Wann: 29. November, 14:00 - 16:00.
Bitte schreiben uns zurück, um den Link für das Online-Meeting zu

(Dis?)Ability 2: Let’s talk about political activism and inclusion

Welcome to the second lesson of the online course (Dis?)Ability, in which we will explore ways to increase accessibility in activism and event organising. In this second lesson you will learn about political activism and inclusion, and ways in which we can make political activism more accessible. Let yourself be inspired by the actions Cécile is sharing in the video <3

Here come the questions and tasks:

  1. What problems are identified by our expert? Are they relevant for your group or in your context?
  2. Write down 3 simple steps you can implement in the near future to make the information about your actions more accessible.
  3. Together with your group draft a concept of inclusion. Who can you invite to support you? What perspective is dominating in your activities and what is missing? Do you know where to find more information?

Further reading recommendations:
Cripping the resistance, article by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha –
Sick Woman Theory by Johanna Hedva –

Auf Deutsch:
Artikel über Aleismus in der Linken in Analyse Kritik von Ash:

C. Lecomte –
Video Edit: C. Lecomte
Polish translation: Alex
Film Edit: Radical Resilience –
Graphics: Carolina Arciniegas –
Additional Images: @pikisuperstar and @freepik
Music: Delila –

‘Autonomous Passage’ release party!

‘Accessibility is a must’ – a preview of the very new brochure of EYFA “Autonomous Passage”!

Party? In the pandemic? Only online! ESC volunteers are honored to present the digital version of the new EYFA publication. They will share with you some behind the curtain details about the process of collecting the contribution, selection and the final outcome. They will read the fragments and show the amazing collages.

Bring your own favorite drink, save 90 minutes, connect with us the way you like it – no pressure for the cameras on or forced questions. All participants are beautiful! Write to eyfa[at]eyfa to get the link to jitsi.

November the 18th, at 6 pm.

Illustration by: Ciel Incarnadine

More Resources

Here you can find some of the people that have been teaching us a lot about accessibility & solidarity, as well as actions that are so important to learn and unlearn in this on-going journey of becoming aware. We aim to constantly update that list, so please send us your recommendations!


BUFU: By Us For Us
Carolyn Lazard´s Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice
Cripple Media
Disability Visibility Project
Feministische Recherche Gruppe
Healing Justice
Mad Pride Berlin
No shade collective
Pieces to Pathways
PoC Online Classroom
Project LETS
Radical Resilience
Resources Libraries
Romily Alice Walden
Sick Affinity Group (SAG)
Sick Time Press (STP)
Sins Ivalid
The Autisticats
The Triple Cripples

Online communication and web-accessibility tools:
Adding A Dyslexia-Friendly Mode To A Website
Aktion Mensch – Barrierefreiheit
Contrast Checker
Free Digital Tools
Leichte Sprache prüfen
OpenDyslexic: A typeface for Dyslexia
Ramp Up – Communication in events
WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
W3C – Accessible web design

Digi – Digitale Barrierefreiheit ganz einfach
Rose Parker’s Psychosis Positivity Podcast

6 Part blog series on how we understand disability
7 Ways to make your Social Justice space accessible to disable people
10 Answers to Common Questions People Ask When Being Called Out for Using Ableist Language

Dis check
Johannes Mairhofer
Sozial Helden

Being Hermon Heroda
Longmore Institute

auf deutsch:
Aktion Mensch
Barrierefrei Posten
Ed Greve
Leeroy Matata

en espanõl:
Disabled Latinx Movement

em português brasileiro:
Leo Castilho
Lorena Eltz
Lorrane Silva
Rita D’ Libra
Travesty Tupi
Victor di Marco

in english:
AJ – sensory human
Alice Wong
Alyssa Mackenzie
Autie Self-care
Autism Sketches
Autism Speaking
Autoimmune Tales
Black Disabled Creatives
Black fly zine
Boaz Murinzi, Murema
Bodies in Translation
BPD awareness
Candice Alaska
Crip Camp Film
Cripple Queers
Disability Connect
Disability Reframed
Esme “Pixie Jay
Mel Mallory
Misery Party
Mx Neurodivergent
Rose Parker
Sef Scatterbrain
Sins Invalid
The Autisticats
The Depression Chronicles
Triple Cripples
What is Mental Illness
Yellow Jackets Collective

‘How to be an ally?’

European Solidarity Corps volunteers are back!

Come to our workshop ‘How to be an ally?’ This is the 2nd part for people who participated in the previous one. If you have not though please contact us. Registration – eyfa[at]

When? September the 9th. How long? 2 hours. Please get familiar with the current Covid-19 regulation in New Yorck.

Ella Baker School in conversation with Alicia Garza, Co founder of Black Lives Matter

Ella Baker School in conversation with Alicia Garza, Co founder of Black Lives Matter

We are delighted to announce that the Ella Baker School will be joined by Alicia Garza, co- founder of Black Lives Matter on September 9th 2021, 7pm BST over Zoom.

Alicia’s book titled The Purpose of Power will be published in paperback in the UK and the Ella Baker School will be in conversation with her discussing key themes in the book. Following on with Q&A.

Sign up and please do share details of this event.
Registration link:

Start: Thursday, September 09, 2021 • 7:00 PM • British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

End: Thursday, September 09, 2021 • 9:00 PM • British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

Accessible and Inclusive Event Organizing: collaborative tools and tactics in practice

EN / PT / ES / DE /

Date: 27 September – 03 Oktober
Place: Quecke – antidiscriminatory & selforganized seminarhouse, queerfeminist landproject in northeastern brandenburg, Germany.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this international gathering, which will bring
together young activists to share ideas, experiences and practical tools to challenge the ways
we organize events, making them more accessible to all. Join us for a week of horizontal
learning processes with workshops, discussion spaces for sharing experiences & collective
self-care tools, strengthening our networks of support and solidarity.

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