Миру мир: Series night: This is Neoliberlism (2018-2019)

Who doesn’t love watching series? If you do, we are sure you do, and you not only watch, but discuss it afterwards, share your opinions in social media or while talking with friends – this is the even for you!
All 3 parts will be screened in New Yorck at 7 pm, followed by discussions with our guests, who will try their best to translate the movies into the language we can all access. Time to know the enemy 😉

24.01.19 – Part 1: Introducing the Invisible Ideology (27 min.)
21.02.19 – Part 2: Keynesian Embedded Liberalism (36 min.)
21.04.19 – Part 3: Hayek and the Mont Pelerin Society I: 1918 – 1939 (40 min.)