We are double booked!

Leipzig and Geneva, here we come!

We are happy to announce that we are gonna be part of 2 info events where we can talk a bit more about this year’s projects and introduce our publication Autonomous Passage. The events are to happen simultaneously in both Leipzig and Geneva with local youth initiatives. The info sessions are a continuation of topics discussed on our youth gathering and also a chance to present our publication to all of you.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the events have reduced in-person participation, write us for registration. But heeey we are also gonna be streaming it live!

Please write us on 2021@eyfa.org for more infos and to get the link if you wish to take part online. The events take place Saturday, 4th December, 8pm local time (CET). The talk is gonna be in English – but both German and French translations are possible upon request.

Come meet us!!!

digitale Barrierefreiheit

Webseiten für mehr Menschen erlebbar machen
mit Johannes Mairhofer


Dear friends, we are organizing a small Workshop + lecture on "digital accessibility" and would like to invite you to join us! The event is
taking place online and will provide us with the basics steps on
website accessibility and how can we do it ourselves by simply using
Let's learn together!

The workshop is in German and an English translation is possible.

When: 29th November, 14:00 - 16:00.
Please write us back to get a link for the online meeting.

ps.: upon request we can send you the presentation materials and handout books after the workshop.

Liebe Freund*innen, wir veranstalten einen kleinen Workshop + Vortrag
zum Thema "Digitale Barrierefreiheit" und möchten Euch herzlich dazu
einladen! Die Veranstaltung findet online statt und wird uns die
grundlegenden Schritte zur Barrierefreiheit von Webseiten vermitteln und wie wir sie selbst einfach mit WordPress umsetzen können! 
Lasst uns gemeinsam lernen!

Der Workshop ist in deutscher Sprache, eine Übersetzung ins Englische
Sprache ist möglich.

Wann: 29. November, 14:00 - 16:00.
Bitte schreiben uns zurück, um den Link für das Online-Meeting zu


(Dis?)Ability: An Online Course Fostering Accessibility in Youth Grassroots Groups



(Dis?)Ability is an online course that explores ways to increase accessibility in activism and event organising. The course is divided in 5 lessons that tackle topics such as accessibility, inclusivity, disability justice, privilege and oppression in youth activist movements. It also aims to create a space to reflect about self-organized events and spaces in terms of access and inclusivity. These lessons will provide tools to challenge existing barriers in these spaces and to incentivise a move towards dismantling them.

For whom?

The content of the course was created for and by youths in grassroots groups, along with people experiencing limited access to activist spaces, due, for example, to disability or illness. It is thought for people that are actively involved in activism and event organising, and that wish to make this practice more accessible and inclusive.


The course consists of 5 video lessons that are accessible through our website without the need of previous registration. ehere will also be no tests or grading of any kind. Each video lesson will have subtitles in different languages (English, german, polish and spanish). We invite you to explore, individually or collectively, the questions and topics to discuss provided with each video – in your own time, pace and language. In you want to learn more, and please do, use our further reading recommendations. All the lesson are also available directly from EYFA vimeo channel here.

Additionally we offer you a brochure, also in 4 language versions, to download and/or print – A guide for Designing Online Accessible Tools.

The course ends up with the evaluation form – do not hesitate to give us your feedback anytime. You can also write to eyfa[at]eyfa.org or contact our experts directly, the info is provided in the credits.

The course is a copy-left product, you are very welcome to use it as you wish – as the whole tool, as the particular video or lesson content. Sign up to our newsletter or/and mailing list to stay up to date – eyfa[at]eyfa.org

The project is supported by European Youth Foundation.

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Autonomous Passage: intentional access for / by mindful movements

Dear friends,
we are happy to announce that our publication is ready!
You can download your online version HERE

Cover by Ciel Incarnadine
Design by Cila Yakecã

We’re tremendously excited to address and share the process of ongoing (and frankly, long overdue) conversations that have been transforming the ways in which we conceive our roles and mindsets as community organizers and individuals. In this brochure, we have collected some impressions, personal experiences, tips and data concerning accessibility in a very basic way. We find it important to note the many different layers and intersections of accessibility on physical, mental, financial & bureaucratic levels, paying close attention to how these factors impact individuals and communities in different depths.

As an international network of grassroots groups, we have been working on a year-long project visibilizing the structural and societal challenges that young and /
or marginalized people with disabilities face within and outside of movements. We hope to encourage activists to question their understanding of accessibility and inclusion with the aim of building and strengthening solidarity practices and allyship. We engaged with various disability justice groups and individuals with invisible and visible disabilities to gather various perspectives that are compiled in this guide. Our previous work in social and climate justice contexts has shown us how much we have to learn about contributing to empowering and accessible spaces, particularly in the context of gatherings, training, parties, concerts, and other events that invite collaboration.

As part of our collective learning journey, and as a group composed of people with and without (in-)visible disabilities, neurodiversities and chronic illnesses ourselves, we are sharing here interviews, articles, comics, tools, and online resources that all have something to say about disability justice. We hope this guide offers insights on how we can better organize ourselves /
events / networks and daily life in a way that is more inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of ability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or class.

Additionally check out the Caring Movements zine, by Radical Resilience
& the Primer on working with disabled group members, by Romily Alice Walden

Enjoy reading!
Love and Solidarity,

More Resources

Here you can find some of the people that have been teaching us a lot about accessibility & solidarity, as well as actions that are so important to learn and unlearn in this on-going journey of becoming aware. We aim to constantly update that list, so please send us your recommendations!


BUFU: By Us For Us
Carolyn Lazard´s Accessibility in the Arts: A Promise and a Practice
Cripple Media
Disability Visibility Project
Feministische Recherche Gruppe
Healing Justice
Mad Pride Berlin
No shade collective
Pieces to Pathways
PoC Online Classroom
Project LETS
Radical Resilience
Resources Libraries
Romily Alice Walden
Sick Affinity Group (SAG)
Sick Time Press (STP)
Sins Ivalid
The Autisticats
The Triple Cripples

Online communication and web-accessibility tools:
Adding A Dyslexia-Friendly Mode To A Website
Aktion Mensch – Barrierefreiheit
Contrast Checker
Free Digital Tools
Leichte Sprache prüfen
OpenDyslexic: A typeface for Dyslexia
Ramp Up – Communication in events
WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
W3C – Accessible web design

Digi – Digitale Barrierefreiheit ganz einfach
Rose Parker’s Psychosis Positivity Podcast

6 Part blog series on how we understand disability
7 Ways to make your Social Justice space accessible to disable people
10 Answers to Common Questions People Ask When Being Called Out for Using Ableist Language

Dis check
Johannes Mairhofer
Sozial Helden

Being Hermon Heroda
Longmore Institute

auf deutsch:
Aktion Mensch
Barrierefrei Posten
Ed Greve
Leeroy Matata

en espanõl:
Disabled Latinx Movement

em português brasileiro:
Leo Castilho
Lorena Eltz
Lorrane Silva
Rita D’ Libra
Travesty Tupi
Victor di Marco

in english:
AJ – sensory human
Alice Wong
Alyssa Mackenzie
Autie Self-care
Autism Sketches
Autism Speaking
Autoimmune Tales
Black Disabled Creatives
Black fly zine
Boaz Murinzi, Murema
Bodies in Translation
BPD awareness
Candice Alaska
Crip Camp Film
Cripple Queers
Disability Connect
Disability Reframed
Esme “Pixie Jay
Mel Mallory
Misery Party
Mx Neurodivergent
Rose Parker
Sef Scatterbrain
Sins Invalid
The Autisticats
The Depression Chronicles
Triple Cripples
What is Mental Illness
Yellow Jackets Collective

Ella Baker School in conversation with Alicia Garza, Co founder of Black Lives Matter

Ella Baker School in conversation with Alicia Garza, Co founder of Black Lives Matter

We are delighted to announce that the Ella Baker School will be joined by Alicia Garza, co- founder of Black Lives Matter on September 9th 2021, 7pm BST over Zoom.

Alicia’s book titled The Purpose of Power will be published in paperback in the UK and the Ella Baker School will be in conversation with her discussing key themes in the book. Following on with Q&A.

Sign up and please do share details of this event.
Registration link:

Start: Thursday, September 09, 2021 • 7:00 PM • British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

End: Thursday, September 09, 2021 • 9:00 PM • British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

Looking for collaborators!

EYFA is looking for collaborators in 2021.  We hope to explore how multiple forms of inequalities affect socially marginalized groups with the aim of understanding and practicing accessibility that moves us closer to justice. Our overarching workplan for 2021 focuses on the intersection between disability and racial justice, within which we are planning to open room for critical thoughts e exchanges, host an international youth exchange, create a publication and develop an online course. 

We are looking for people/groups to get involved in the organizational process of these activities, in particular we are looking for:

  • disability justice individuals/groups who are open to sharing their knowledge and experiences in the disability rights movement
  • content contributors (disability and racial justice writers/vloggers/activists/educators, etc for the publication & online course) 
  • designers (web and graphic designers for publication & online course)
  • facilitators for (hopefully in-person) training
  • project conceptualization
  • organizing team to help in planning logistics

The idea of this collaborative magazine is to create a guide on how we can better organize ourselves / events / networks and daily life in a way that is more inclusive and accessible to all. The final work will be distributed among grassroots groups/projects & basically any individual interested in creating spaces that are safer and accessible!

Any input, feedback or proposals you may have is very welcomed. Please share this general info with your trusted comrades who might be interested . Further, if you have any suggestions for groups or organizations that we should contact to collaborate with on this workplan, share your tips with us!

ONLINE EVENT – Interactive Discussion on Collective Care practices

ONLINE EVENT – Interactive Discussion on Collective Care practices

In the newly adjusted ESC online format, volunteers have put together a participatory virtual program for the time until we can meet again.

Join us this coming Friday as we share and discuss the kinds of care practices we are creating and shaping in and for our communities during these difficult times. Based on the context where systemic violence continously affects the ways in which we exist, we imagine a society that actively builds and maintains alternative structures of care.
We would love to hear about the methods of care work you have organized in your respective communities and exchange ideas on ways we can support each other in sustainable ways.

15th January 2021 18.00 CET

Register at eyfa@eyfa.org to receive link.

European Solidarity Corps 2020/21 just started online!

European Solidarity Corps 2020/21 just started online!

The past year was a challenging year where we needed to reconsider and reshape the way we do and organize projects. In this spirit, we wanted to find a way to continue to support young volunteers as we have in the past with our ESC program. In light of the times, we decided to start our volunteering program for 2020/21 online with 3 young people from Ukraine and Belarus.
This is a new experience for us, as we have never hosted an online volunteering service and we hope that it can still be as beneficial to our volunteers.
Check our website for the info about great online activities run by our volunteers and who knows, maybe one day we will meet in person again?

More info about the programme here

Welcome to EYFA!