How few we know about refugees in Belarus

thThere has been almost no information about migrants or refugees in Belarus, although this is a country where many people can end up when trying to cross the European border. Officially there are no deportation centers in Belarus, and most people awaiting deportation are kept in pre-trial facilities in the cities. Activists arrested during the World Hockey championship in Minsk were kept in the same cell with one of them, a Congolese migrant, former war veteran, who refused to go back to war and tore his passport. He was kept there for more then 6 month, and he is in very bad condition – refuses to talk, almost doesn’t eat, doesn’t go for a walk. People say that he may be a bit crazy after all this time without knowing his rights and future. He only speaks French and of course nobody in prison does. After this information became known, some HROs and other activists tried to help him, making requests, giving parcels and writing postcards. But on June 5th he was deported and maybe already punished in Congo for his felony against the country. Several more migrants were found in the same facility, people are trying to get in contact with them, but it’s extremely difficult.

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