EYFA Study Visits

EYFA Study Visits

We kicked off our 2021 activities on a high note while adjusting to the continuing pandemic restrictions. The set of study visits gave us the opportunity to interview and have informal chats with groups and individuals doing disability justice work who are themselves people living with disabilities and/or visible & invisible illnesses.

The groups included Radical Resilience – an environmental justice collective doing critical work around chronic illness / activism & caring movements; Misery – a collective organizing sober gatherings, advocating for mental health and harm reduction practices within the QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black,Indigenous People of Colour) community; WinVisible – a multi-racial support group by and for women with visible and invisible disabilities; SAG – Sickness Affinity Group – a network of disabled artists that are activists, advocating for disability justice and challenging ableism and lack of access in the art world.

The conversations gave us insight into ableist structures and the multiple forms of discrimination that affected the participation of those with illness and dsabilities . Together we explored concrete ideas of inclusion that can be adopted by various movements that ensure access for all. Our in depth talks, recommendations and research were documented in the publication Autonomous Passage which is available for download, and you can dive further into the topic with collection of online resources to be found here

We are double booked!

Leipzig and Geneva, here we come!

We are happy to announce that we are gonna be part of 2 info events where we can talk a bit more about this year’s projects and introduce our publication Autonomous Passage. The events are to happen simultaneously in both Leipzig and Geneva with local youth initiatives. The info sessions are a continuation of topics discussed on our youth gathering and also a chance to present our publication to all of you.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the events have reduced in-person participation, write us for registration. But heeey we are also gonna be streaming it live!

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Looking for collaborators!

EYFA is looking for collaborators in 2021.  We hope to explore how multiple forms of inequalities affect socially marginalized groups with the aim of understanding and practicing accessibility that moves us closer to justice. Our overarching workplan for 2021 focuses on the intersection between disability and racial justice, within which we are planning to open room for critical thoughts e exchanges, host an international youth exchange, create a publication and develop an online course. 

We are looking for people/groups to get involved in the organizational process of these activities, in particular we are looking for:

  • disability justice individuals/groups who are open to sharing their knowledge and experiences in the disability rights movement
  • content contributors (disability and racial justice writers/vloggers/activists/educators, etc for the publication & online course) 
  • designers (web and graphic designers for publication & online course)
  • facilitators for (hopefully in-person) training
  • project conceptualization
  • organizing team to help in planning logistics

The idea of this collaborative magazine is to create a guide on how we can better organize ourselves / events / networks and daily life in a way that is more inclusive and accessible to all. The final work will be distributed among grassroots groups/projects & basically any individual interested in creating spaces that are safer and accessible!

Any input, feedback or proposals you may have is very welcomed. Please share this general info with your trusted comrades who might be interested . Further, if you have any suggestions for groups or organizations that we should contact to collaborate with on this workplan, share your tips with us!