Resistance against the Eisenhüttenstadt Deportation factory is necessary! We are a group of refugees and solidary people who have been fighting against the deportation jail and isolation for more than one year. We have been fighting for our right to stay where we want, to go where and when we want. We demand a better life! What is the necessity of the deportation jail?

The detainees are no offenders and no criminals! Why is their freedom stolen and possibilities for legal support are so small? The police and the courts are using violence against the refugees. What horrible things have they done, that they are controlled and intimidated like that? They just came as human beings and need as every human being their freedom! Therefore we are organizing a “Stop Deportation Camp”, in order to close the refugee jail. We want to oppose to the German and European Exclusion politics a solidary perspective. We want to use the camp for workshops, discussions, legal support, concerts and many creative actions. Through that we want to inform, connect, develop perspectives and realize them together. Together we are strong: Get involved! Organize info events! Be creative!

For the mobilization we are organizing a bike-tour through refugee-camps in berlin an Brandenburg from the 22nd till 26th of August.

Whether in Eisenhüttenstadt, Büren, Berlin-Grünau or elsewhere – close deportation jails!

contact: mail[at]