Invitation from the migrant communities for a demo in Calais 05.09

In the last weeks many of us had to face a lot of police violence. Some of us got broken hands and others broken legs and even some got hurt their heads. You can see that with your own eyes and you can hear of them how it happened.
In the next days the fascists will come to Calais to meet and demonstrate here. There is no shelter for us to be secure and to hide from them. We can not trust the police to protect us from them as we experienced already so much violence from them. Migration is not a crime and each and everyone of us has reasons why we had to leave our countries and our families and why we are here now. Europe is always talking about Human Rights and freedom but we can not find this here.
This is why we want to demonstrate and bring our demands on the streets. Therefore we are happy to invite you to our demonstration on friday, the 5th of September 2014, starting at 3 p.m. at Salam, the food distribution place.
We think your presence is very important to spread our message everywhere and show the reality that we have to face.
We will make a press conference after the demonstration to give space for personal talks and your questions.

The migrant communities in Calais.