Action Meeting 2015 – 3.-5. Oct. 2014 in Cologne

logo-einzeln-227x3002015 Climate Conference in Paris: No second Copenhagen for the climate movement! Where, how and when can we mobilise our collective resources in 2015 to demonstrate our resistance?

Dear Friends,

Negotiations on a new climate agreement are set to take place in Paris
next year. We activists from EKiB believe that neither this nor any
other talks are likely to stop climate change. Remember, the 19th UNO
Climate Change Conference in 2013 was held in a year when worldwide CO_2
emissions were higher than ever! All international climate conferences
held in recent years have produced nothing but hot air, and in Germany,
the supposed climate protection leader, Merkel’s government is
supporting the large scale electricity generation powered by brown coal.

Profits are the only thing the ruling class thinks of. We think of CO_2
reduction and believe peoples power is the only way to do it. Instead of
just focusing on the 2015 Climate Change Conference in Paris, we aim to
use next year for large scale demonstrations of civil disobedience
directed against locations responsible for climate change. During our
2014 “Kohleausstieg ist Handarbeit”* campaign we gained valuable
experience, both at the Climate Games in Amsterdam and in machinery
occupations and diverse blockades at brown coal mining strips in the

Our goal is to plan and prepare the 2015 campaign with as many people
and groups as possible, therefore would like to invite you to a action
plenary meeting in Cologne from 3-5 October.

Climate change has many sources, but even more consequences. It is
fuelled by coal and oil mining, CCS and fracking, road transport, air
traffic, industrial food production and many other factors. The current
manner in which power and energy are produced harms animals, ecosystems
and people, here in Europe but primarily in the global south. Land
grabbing, wars fought over raw material and water supplies and the
ensuing displacement of people, as well as the growing number of extreme
weather occurrences, even fuel poverty, are just the tip of the iceberg.
All these topics should have a place in the campaign, hence why explicit
groups and individuals not normally associated with the climate struggle
are invited too.

Our “Kohleausstieg ist Handarbeit” campaign initiated us with
transnational networks. Our desire to build and expand on these is a
particular reason why we wish to invite groups not based in Germany to
Cologne and join in. Translations will be provided.

For us, resistance and the creation of genuine alternatives are the way
we can avoid climate disaster. Therefore we send our warmest invitation
to supporters of “Buen Vivir” in Latin America, the “Degrowth” movement
in the global north and the “Alternatiba” initiative currently gaining
momentum in France.

*Climate protection is handwork! Cologne 3 – 5 Oct!*

Further information at: _

Please pass this invitation to groups and individuals who might be
interested in attending this meeting. Meals, simple accommodation and
translation will be organised. For planning purposes we kindly request
you notify us of your participation by mid September by mail to