Transformative Collaboration: co-creating healthy groups

8 – 16 November
Ecodharma, Catalunyan Pyrenees

In whatever ways we envisage contributing to the wellbeing of our world, it’s likely to mean collaborating with others. But groups are not always easy. They can feel frustrating, draining and unproductive. Meetings drag, personalities clash, power conflicts arise, chaos reigns and all this gets in the way of achieving what the group or organization set out to do at the beginning.

This training, set in a wild and remote part of the Catalunyan Pyrenees, will help you to learn how to better collaborate, co-exist, organize, communicate and make decisions together. Whether you are already working or living in a group or wanting to initiate something, this course will help you set up conditions for ongoing collaborative work.

Costs are on a sliding, needs-based scale from 200 – 850 euros for this 8 day residential training.

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