VIENNA CALLING // 30.01.2015 // Demonstration against right wing ball

On the 30th of January 2015 the viennese “Akademikerball” will take place for the third time in Viennas Hofburg. The space and the organizer of the ball, Viennas National Association of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), mirror societies acceptance of fraternities and its ideological clichés such as anti-Semitism, sexism, male bonding, homophobia and racism in Austria.

The FPÖ is an openly right-wing party that brings together more than 20% of electoral votes and is rising severely close to 30% in recent polls. Approximately 40 % of FPÖ’s parliamentarians are fraternity members, most of which come from the frets folkish fraternity community, representing the extreme right rim of the pan-German system of liaison. This spectrum is characterized for having laid the ground for Nazist ideology and their active support in its realisation. In the 1960s they were involved in right-wing terrorism in South Tirol and still today discuss the proof of Aryan heritage. The ball is also visited by a conservative bourgeois milieu that takes no offense by these guests. This is Austria.

The anti-fascist nowkr-coalition organized a demonstration against it, that will take place on the same day at 5p.m., starting at the Karlsplatz. There will be a concept for blockading the arrival of the visitors to the ball. Cards for actions will be distributed to you. On the actual day, a phonenumber will be published, that can be called for receiving the latest and most central information. A second phone number will be set up, for legal advice, in case you witness police violence or arrests or if you should be affected by it yourself. Make sure to read through the tips on legal advice, in order to protect yourself and to complicate the work of the organs of repression.

On the evening of the Demonstration there will be a centrally located “Out of Action” Space, that will provide information, warm food as well as cold / warm beverages.

In case you should have questions concerning directions or accommodations please contact your local antifa-structures. Only in exceptional cases contact:

Here ( you can find the cities from which organized arrivals are planned, as well as booking offices for bus

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