People Power Against Nuclear Power!

ENGL FLYER21.3An antinuclear action camp will be organized near Hanhikivi cape from 8th of June to 21 of June, by climate and eco action network Hyökyaalto (Rising Tide- Finland)

Fennovoima energy company intends to start to build a new nuclear power plant at the ecologically valuable Hanhikivi Cape in Pyhäjoki, Northern Ostrobothnia of Finland.

Finnish energy policy is still stuck in the centralized energy production and attempts to provide more nuclear power as a climate friendly solution, hiding the fact that nuclear power is an enemy of the more sustainable and equal forms of decentralized renewables.

The decentralized and horizontal production of energy is just one part of the more equal society which we are heading for. The ecological, and social cricis in general, requires us to demolish the current model of economy and to build alternatives where production provides the necessary ground for everyones needs.

A struggle against one irresponsible project is part of the global struggle for conditions of life itself. In recent years, socially and ecologically destructive projects have been stopped by the political power of the people joining their forces to dismiss political decisions. It is time to realize that also in Finland the acts of people are stronger than the words of politicians in making history.

Join us to stop the construction of the 100 000 year lasting problem, at its beginning!

During the camp we aim to learn and share skills and ideas on different forms of direct resistance. Participants are encouraged to provide program related to the topics. We prefer consensus decision making. At the autonomous camp any kind of discrimination is forbidden (sexism, homophobia, racism, etc.). Party political or nationalistic signs don’t belong to the camp.

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