Call for Courses: Degrowth in Action: Climate Justice – Summer School 2015

logo-degrowth-header9th – 14th of August in the Rhineland Coalfield, Germany

The summer school “Degrowth in action: Climate Justice“ (August 9 – 14, 2015) is a follow-up project of the 4th International Degrowth Conference last autumn, where around 3000 people came together to discuss alternatives for an ecological and equitable society. The summer school picks up the momentum of this conference and takes it to the heart of a political conflict: the Climate Action Camp, situated on the brink of the Rhineland Coalfield, the biggest source of CO₂ in Europe.

We are looking for people who can prepare a course for the summer school! The core of the summer school programme is made up of courses that take place continuously over 4 days. In addition, there is the possibility to offer two day long courses. Each day for 2,5 hours, the same group of people (about 20 – 30 people) focuses on specific topics in the field of alternative economic models or climate justice, or works on tangible approaches for putting degrowth into political practice.

The format of the course is up to your creativity; it could well be a mixture of inputs, discussions, working groups etc. You are also free to invite speakers for contributions. The courses can be recompensed, if necessary, with up to 450 €. Please bear in mind that the courses must be possible on an open field or in a tent, at the climate camp and that there might be logistical problems, such as electricity shortages. If you have more questions, don‘t hesitate to get in touch: courses2015 (at) degrowth (dot) de.

Contributions are possible from April 1 onwards on this website. The closing date is April 30, 2015. At the beginning of June we will get back to you.

Possible topics for courses:

  • Traffic and mobility/building and architecture/agriculture/work/production/global trade in a degrowth-society
  • Degrowth and gender
  • Climate Change, war and migration
  • Social security systems
  • Pathways to a „Just Transition“
  • Energy poverty vs. energy democracy
  • Planned obsolescence and alternatives
  • Resource issues: Recycling vs (?) “leave it in the soil“
  • Resistance against unnecessary infrastructure projects
  • Free trade vs. the climate: What does TTIP mean for our possibilities to realize degrowth and climate justice?
  • Degrowth as a postcolonial concept?
  • Multi-perspective economic education
  • Degrowth and art/symbols for the climate justice movement
  • The role of the global financial system for climate justice and degrowth
  • The myth of „Green Growth“
  • Academic and practical approaches to climate justice
  • Democracy and redistribution
  • (De)commodification and (de)monetarization of nature
  • The role of social movements for climate justice and degrowth
  • etc.

Information required for course submission here.

We are looking forward to your proposals!

Your summer school team