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aftershockAn anarchist publishing co-op ‘Radical Theory & Practice’ from Moscow, Russia is looking for support, take a look if you can organise fund-raising to translate into Russian the book on Activist Trauma, named ‘Aftershock. Confronting Trauma in a Violent World: A Guide for Activists and Their Allies’ by Patrice Jones.

Being an activist in the violent world is not easy. Depending on the context, activists can experience a never-ending fear of the police brutality, prison, sexual violence, damaging health or even losing life in the fights with nazis; fear of losing your job or being kicked out of school for your activity and many more facing your own inability to easily stop the atrocities and injustice of the world we live in.

Activism is in general traumatic experience, especially for the post-USSR region, where the authorities don’t care much about even trying to maintain “democracy”. The movement itself is not used to expressing feelings and caring about those of others. People don’t know what to do when they hit the wall and often choose to crush themselves in an attempt to overcome the panic.

That is why we decided to translate and publish a book dealing with trauma for Russian speakers, that is people from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia and other post-Soviet countries.

Our choice fell on “Aftershock. Confronting Trauma in a Violent World: A Guide for Activists and Their Allies” by Patrice Jones. Anarcho-feminist, vegan, animal liberationist and therapist herself, she knows a lot about high-risk activism and radical actions, which you can’t share even with some closest comrades. The book has a special chapter for therapists, where Patrice explains how to deal with activists when they ask for help from a therapist. They need special treatment, because their outlook is so much differs from that of ‘normal’ people. The book offers a comprehensive analysis of where feelings come from and go and includes tips for individuals, friends, communities, organisations and movement as to how to help yourself or you comrades when trauma occurs.

Who are we?
We represent an anarchist publishing co-op ‘Radical Theory & Practice’ from Moscow. Some authors we have translated are Goldman, Graeber, Gelderloos, CrimethInc., Seeds For Change, and more. Check out our web-page

Why do we ask for money?
Although we have tried hard, there was not a single day in our history, when we had enough money to finance the next book or got our salary in time. Moreover, the crisis in Russia has badly influenced us as well.

We are planning to print 500 copies for a start. Here are the costs:
– 500 euro (printing+royalties)
– 1600 euro (salaries)
Total: 2100 euro

We know some people don’t want to finance projects with salaries included, and we want to point out that we will be happy if we gather 500 euro, enough to pay the royalties and print the book. Some might say that we could make it all for free, just making an amateur translation and spread the text in digital form. That’s true, but we would like to have the book translated asap, and it involves working on it full-time; we want a good translation (which means we need to have experienced translators, editors and proofreaders), we want it printed as well as digital, as it is the best way to reach wider audience beyond the anarchist movement. Anyway, if we collect the necessary sum, we will put it online for free and make printed version cheap.

Want to support our work?
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