Let's learn from each other (take 2) – migrant solidarity work discussion, 11. January

Even if you missed the first meeting in December, you’re welcome to join at this follow-up discussion facilitated by our EVS volunteers. We’ve got allies, activists, and other types of supporters lined up to share both best practices and criticisms of the migrant solidarity movement in Berlin.

‘Let’s learn from each other’
Meeting with people doing migrant solidarity work in Germany, food served at 19:00, discussion to kick of around 20:00
This time we are encouraging you to join the discussion with people, for whom solidarity is not merely a slogan, nor simply a sticker on their laptops. For whom solidarity means being aware of our own privileges and the whole oppressive structure we are part of and combating them, also through supporting migrants. We are providing you a perfect opportunity to ask whatever you want to know: what do they do? How? Why? What principles do they follow? What methods do they prefer? How to join them, how to start?