No Border Kitchen needs your support!

Letter from No Border Kitchen Lesvos “we are cooking 600 meals every day”

Dear friends of NBK Lesvos,
you all know about the situation here very well, but we would like to give you an update.
Daily, NBK is cooking 600 portions, which we distribute on different places to people, who don´t live in the camps.
Furthermore, we support around 150 people, who organize themselves in small groups with groceries.
The Social Center is a place to go for lot´s of people beyond the governmental structures
and we hope, we can stay there at least during winter.
We already achieved a lot in a short amount of time, but of course it´s still under construction.
At this point the financial situation is already desperate and for 2016 we don´t have any money.
Our monthly expenses:
around 6000€ for food
              500€ for construction material
            1000€ others (fuel, gasoline,…)
So, rob your piggy bank.
Tell your friends about NBK.
Organize solidarity parties and events, where you share your experiences at NBK and call for solidarity.
Please tell us, if you need stuff, or ideas.
We are here and will stay and urgently need your support.
United we stand, divided we fall!
Solidary greetings from „the island“,
Lovely Regards
No Border Kitchen Lesvos


Benefit actions

NBK-piggy bank

Stellt Spendenboxen in solidarischen Kneipen auf

Place donation boxes in solidary pubs


Organisiert Konzerte.

Organize concerts.

Input for output

Macht Lesungen, oder Vorträge. Teilt Eure NBK-Erfahrungen mit Freunden.

Organize readings, or lectures. Share your NBK-experiances with friends.

Vollrausch für volle Bäuche. Yamas!

Fragt, ob Ihr bei Konzerten/Parties eine Soli-Tresen machen könnt,

wo Ihr Getränke zugunsten von NBK verkauft.

Ask, if you can make a benefit bar at concerts/parties,

where you sell drinks to benefit NBK.

Shopping for a better future. Merch!

Verkauft Shirts, Buttons, Taschen,… mit NBK-Logo.

Sell shirts, button, bags with NBK-Logo.

Freedom´s just an other word for nothing left to lose- So: Sell your shit for benefit!

Miste Deinen Schrank, Keller, Dachboden aus und verkauf den Kram auf dem Trödel.

Check your wardrobe, cellar, storage room and sell your stuff at the fleemarket.

Bread and circuses for NBK.

Sammle schöne Preise und Gutscheine von befreundeten Läden und organisiere Spiele für NBK.

NoBorderBingo, Tombola, Versteigerung, Poker, Kegeln, Hamsterkämpfe…

Collect wins and vouchers from friendly shops and organize games for NBK.

NoBorderBingo, tombola, auction, poker, bowling, hamster fights…

NoodlesBaglesKuchen- Food for food

Verkauft Waffeln, Crepes, was auch immer…

Sell waffles, crepes, what ever…

Hot drinks for cold Lesvos

Glühweinstand- geht immer gut. Z.B. an der Uni.

Hot wine punsch- always sells well, for example at the university.

Amazing meals against fuckin´deals!

Fragt in befreundeten Restaurants, ob sie ein Soli-Gericht auf die Karte setzten würden und den Gewinn an NBK spenden.

Ask friendly restaurants, if they could offer a benefit dish and donate the profit to NBK.

Spread the word!

Informiert über die Arbeit von NBK und sammelt Spenden.

Provide information about NBK and collect donations.

Make capitalism history- Schnorren im großen Stil

Fragt befreundete/solidarische Unternehmen nach Spenden.

Ask friendly/solidary companies for donations.

The show must go on.

Fragt Kinos und Theater, ob sie Soli-Vorstellungen geben würden.

Ask cinemas and theatres, if they would make benefit shows.