Art Installation / Tree house to Protest the NATO air base Geilenkirche

Since 4th of December last year, a group of artists, activists and neighbors, is building an art installation/ tree house in Schinveld, Netherlands. This is an action against the NATO air base Geilenkirche, Germany, from which 60 year-old AWACS airplanes are terrorizing the surroundings.
Eleven years ago, 6 acres of forest were cut down to allow those planes to fly even lower. EarthFirst! Netherlands started a 6 weeks forest occupation with hundreds Although there was an enormous impact, the problem was never resolved. Since then, neighborhood organizations have won 5 important court cases, which are ignored by NATO and defense ministry. This is why renewed action is called for. The artwork on the spot were the clear cut ended 11 years ago, aims to bring this conflict back in the spotlights. A focus point where people meet and inspire each other, to get rid of environmental destruction once and for all.
Last week the defense ministry ordered the tree house to be taken down. Of course we are not going to take down the tree house, of course those intimidations don’t work on us. So, come through with your threat and send your army. We are going to defend this place with all means necessary.
The defense ministry announced to come by on Tuesday 21st of February at 12 o’clock to take down the tree house. So come by and show solidarity.