Unite! Young women* exploring labour rights – video glossary

The long-awaited video glossary is ready and we think it’s beautiful!

This movie was shot during international FLTI youth exchange “Unite! Young women* exploring labour rights” and reflects a mixture of theoretical content and personal experiences of isolation and alienation of the precarious life under neo-liberal capitalism.

By interviewing participants and gathering their input this way, we wanted to give this topic a human face and encourage more youth to take part in or organise their own future activities to discover the topic of economic exclusion and labour rights on their own.

Poland, June 2018

Supported by: Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation and Alert Youth Fund
Camera, sound and post-production by Martyna (martyna_tok[at]riseup.net)

P.S. If you want to organize a screening, please, contact us via eyfa[at]eyfa.org, we will send you an HD file of a high quality video and provide all the support needed.