Ende Gelände Call for Action 2019

We say Ende Gelände (Stop here)! Stop coal and let all villages stay #AlleDörferBleiben. Disobedient against capitalism and for climate justice – worldwide!

We are the immediate coal exit. From 19 to 24 June we set ourselves against the destruction of the earth in the Rhineland and block the coal infrastructure.

The time to act is now. Droughts, heat waves, floods – we have known it for a long time. The climate crisis is already a destructive reality for people all over the world – especially in the global South. And yet we are supposed to burn another 20 years of coal here? We’re not going to be put off with that. We will not be pacified! We are no longer watching how politics and corporations destroy our future. We are taking the coal phase-out into our own hands – and we do it now!

In the Rhineland, the coal corporation RWE wants to create facts: Excavators are constantly digging their way into the countryside, swallowing up forests, fertile farmland and entire villages. As the largest CO2 source in Europe, the lignite industry in the Rhineland is destroying the future of people all over the world. We stand up to this! Last year we fought with thousands of other people in a broad alliance for the Hambi (Hambacher Forest). This year we stand side by side with all the people whose homes are being destroyed by coal and the climate crisis. In solidarity with the people from Keyenberg, Kuckum and the other villages at the Garzweiler opencast mine, we want to stop the destruction on site. Therefore we will block the coal infrastructure. This is our immediate measure for global climate justice. All villages remain – in the Rhineland and worldwide!

Disobedient for a just future for everyone

We need not only the phasing out of coal, but also radical social change. We need to overcome capitalism with its growth constraint and exploitation mechanisms. Otherwise neither a serious fight against the climate crisis nor social justice worldwide will be possible. The catastrophic outcome of the Coal Commission shows that we cannot rely on politics. Now it is up to us!

The movement for climate justice is picking up speed: hundreds of thousands of people are protesting on the streets. Together, we are now going one step further and disobeying civil law. From 19 to 24 June 2019, we are using our bodies to block the coal infrastructure in the Rhineland.

Our form of action is an openly announced mass blockade with many opportunities for participation. We will behave calmly and courteously, no escalation will emanate from us, we will not endanger any people. We want to create a situation that is transparent for all participants and in which we respect and support each other.

The coal exit is still manual work. Let’s go – Ende Gelände!

#AlleDörferBleiben – worldwide.