Festival Y?! 21 – 24 August 2020 in Estonia

Festival Y?! will take place 21 – 24 August 2020 in Estonia, Annimatsi Kamping, gathering individuals and grassroots groups to discuss how to build a strong and inclusive movement for systemic political action in the Baltics.

We are a group of concerned activists, individuals, citizens (some of us may even call themselves ‘political potatoes’) across the 4 countries (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) striving to organise a regional festival (meet-up), focused on linking democracy, climate change, LGBTQI+ rights, feminism, worker’s rights and other social justice issues.

The initiative started with few individuals who have seen the need of changing the way we think about climate change and the urgency of people rising up for real democratic solutions. We wanted to make sure that the climate issue is analyzed through an intersectional lens. Understanding that the impacts of global warming will hit everyone, and mostly marginalised communities and individuals, we see the climate issue as much interlinked and intertwined with our economy, our society, our public goods, and education. Understanding this, we also need to put an end to other oppression systems (racism, ableism, patriarchy, just to name a few…) within mainstream movement and in the society and start building an interconnected resistance.

Currently, the group includes people actively working on feminist, LGBTQIA+ issues, workers rights and just transition campaigns. At the first festival, we are hoping to discuss where we want to take this initiative further, what are the needs and focuses and everyone is invited to equally participate in these discussions.

Interested to participate and become part of the organising team or support the initiative as an organisation? Drop us an e-mail at: politicalpotatoes@gmail.com.

We welcome groups, individuals, non-governmental organisations, journalists, citizen initiatives, unionists, artists and everyone who identifies with the description above.


Pd: do check the travel restrictions for the Baltic countries before you plan your trip.