Learning Documentation- Street exhibition

The Learning Documentation project is a series of events that focus on the documentation of resistance movements that vision towards social & political change and justice. The exhibition showcases protests and revolutionary actions from different corners of the world including Mexico, Chile, Germany, Palestine and Sudan that symbolize the power of community organizing and collective action against systemic oppression and injustices. The struggle for liberation in our times has been accelerated by the internet and the ability of the people to control and shape narratives of their realities. The impact of documentation has been realized in international mass mobilizations and solidarity while opening up dialogue of important issues that affect our right to live freely.

We wish to highlight the important work of photographers who are connected to the struggles they document, as a critical part of movements and not as passive observers. As witnesses of history, we honour this form of storytelling that brings not only visibility but humanity to our struggles.

* Open air / street exhibition *

30th Aug – 02nd Sept from 11am – 6pm
03rd Sept from 11am to 3pm

Where? at Marielle Franco Platz
in front of New Yorck im Bethanien,
Mariannenplatz , 2a – Berlin