For a human life and against deportation. November 18-20, Amsterdam to The Hague

On Novembrefugee marcher 10 the verdict of the European Commission (ECSR) about right for shelter becomes public. Amsterdam proposed night shelter for refugees. This leaves people on the streets, in the cold, for most of the day. Carrying their belongings. Shelter is no objective but a means. A means to work on a real future and a life with human dignity.

To make this clear, refugees of We Are Here decided to organise a march from Amsterdam to The Hague. They will walk from the city council in Amsterdam, to the Parliament in The Hague, symbolizing the responsibility for this group that was constantly passed on between major and government without offering a solution. On 20th of November parliament talks about shelter and return.

On the way there will be several actions and activities. Everybody is free to join!