Kitchen for All & Movie Screening: 13.05.2015

there is no tmrw

What: There’s No Tomorrow [2012, 35min]

When: Wednesday 13.05.15: 19:30 (Food) 20:30 (Movie)

Where: New Yorck im Bethanien, Marianenplatz 2a Berlin

There’s No Tomorrow is an animated video of 35 minutes, original in English but dubbed in Basque (by Argia). It draws conclusions about the end of fossil fuels, and claims that the alternatives are not valid. It is not possible to continue with growth, and to continue on this road is dangerous. Therefore, one could say that our civilization as we know it today, is near completion. The video suggests that, when we begin to run out of fossil fuels, basic issues such as access to food or to maintain current population levels, will become increasingly difficult. What should be done? The final chapter presents some possible future scenarios. The authors mention that you can believe in evolution toward the apocalypse, but we must learn to live in a situation of energy collapse (local consumption, self sufficiency …).