Political activists and artists from Egypt on tour in Germany

4-300x120Unfinished revolution is coming to Germany in June
Unfinished Revolution is a campaign based project with the aim to build up networks between artists, musicians, activists and interested people from the Egyptian and German region. 4 years after the Egyptian revolution we get only marginal information about the domestic policies, resistance movemets and cultures of protest there.

The current crackdown on the empowerment of civil society from the new military government means difficult times for activists, initiatives and oppositional people. Although the revolution did not contribute to a change of the system, it changed thoughts and expectations of a whole generation. Especially in subcultures and undergrounds arose spaces where the credi?? of the revolution are continuously formulated and spoken out.

We invite protagonists of these fields, to present themselves to a new public in Germany. To give insights of the current situation and to network with German actors.With the combination of speeches and performances we would like to provide an update of the developments, its backgrounds and dynamics in this part of the middle East, as well as drawing interest of a German public for a part of subculture and protest culture there. In discussions, which should also arise apart of the frame of conventional political education, we will exchange experiences, draw conclusions together and abolish prejudices. We think it is essential that an exchange between the nations takes place in order to incorporate the won insights in own discourses.

Unfinished revolution breaks with borders, no matter if they are caused by thoughts of nation, by history, culture, religion or socialisation. We would like to have more exchange than reporting, relations instead of remote-controlled conclusions and solidarity instead of sympathy. This project is a step in this direction. At our blog you can learn about the artists, musicians, campaigns, projects and initiatives, draw contacts and provide regular updates about the local happenings.

In the month of June the tour will be visiting several towns in Germany, we hope to see you there!