Reclaim the Power have kicked off a 5 day action and training camp

Didcot2015_1100x406Reclaim the Power camp in the shadow of Didcot’s cooling towers Now!

Join us for a family-friendly weekend of workshops, training and direct action near Didcot power station (Oxfordshire) to get skilled up and take direct action for a future worth fighting for.

The government are in bed with the fossil fuel industry. They think they now have free reign to subsidise their friends and relations in the fracking industry and commit to another round of gas-fired power stations.

Fossil fuels are destroying our future whilst hiking up our energy bills – thousands of people are already dying each year from climate change and from fuel poverty.

This camp is part of an international weekend of action against the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold on the Paris UN Climate talks. Didcot gas-fired power station is owned by RWE Npower, one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies who control the UK’s energy supply and one of Europe’s biggest polluters. In Paris this December we know that RWE Npower will put their profits first – no matter the cost. We can’t afford to let that happen.

As a decision looms over the future of Didcot’s gas-fired power-station, people all over the world are building community-led renewable solutions to replace fossil fuels. This along with insulation and other ways of saving energy could provide good jobs, warmer homes and lower bills. Research shows that Britain could be carbon neutral by 2030 using current technology. When a fire shut down Didcot power station just a few months ago, it was wind power that kept the lights on.

If you are reading this from anywhere other than the UK attending may seem impractical – so instead please help instead by passing this information on to your lists and groups, and help publicise the camp on social media. more information about the site, why we chose Didcot power station, the program of workshops and the day of action on Monday can be found on the website.